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10 killer Basic blogspot seo tips before starting a blog


People created their blog but the did not set the basic Blogspot Seo setting then the face the many problems to rank the post. here we discuss all these Blogspot SEO tips which improve your blogger blog on search engine.follow all the Seo tips to improve your blog ranking.

10 killer Blogspot SEO tips before starting a blog

1-Meta description

The first Blogspot SEO tip in which we will discuss basic setting, in blogger, setting there are some steps that are important to search engine.this is also like that you have a company to show the role of that.

for instanceyou’ve got a company related to cosmetics however if you can’t principal  of the fabricated from the business enterprise then it will now not rank on the city or country so the meta tags also display the image to google seek engine then Google will without difficulty rank your website to associated website.

according to bellow step you can create your blog meta description to improve the blogger Seo.

  • Open your blog.
  •   Go to setting.
  •  And click on search preferences.

In meta tags, you will write about your blog, in meta tags select those word that must define your blog very well. For example

I search for soccer games that do not at first but when I search football that is on 2ndso I select this for my Meta tags.


2-Custom Robot.txt

In this SEO tip, you paste the below code on the given box of the robot.txt  but wrong instruction did not enter in this portion otherwise your blog will be ignored by search engine so be careful when you enter the instruction.

  1. Search digital inspiration sitemap on Google search engine
  2. Copy your Blogger URL
  3. And past on the box of digital inspiration sitemap
  4. Copy the code from that site and past them on robot.txt

3-Custom robot header tags

the 3rd Blogspot SEO tip in which you do the same Mark the sign as bellow like the photo


4-Optimize Post title

Optimize post title is one of the important Blogspot SEO tips because when the visitor search about the topic when you cannot optimize your post title.

The name of the blog name should be first instead of  post title for this we will exchange in template HTML code so follow the below steps

  1. Go to the themes of blog
  2. Click proceed and go to the HTML code
  3. Press ctrl+F and find the below code


4-Delete the line of code that found in the last step, and replaces it with this code:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>



<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>



6     Save the template and visit your blog.

5-Change headings

changing headings is the Blogspot Seo tip that improves the ranking of the blog.

Find h3 and replace with h2

simply go to your blog themes and search h3 and replace with h2

Replacing h3 with h2 is the part of SEO in this step we apply the style of h2 on h3.

6-Optimize comment on blog

comment optimizing is one of the basic Blogspot SEO tips because sometimes the commenting on the post is the way of spamming or created by some software or robot.

Now here is a simple solution for that open your blog and Open HTML code. Follow the step below.

  1. Template >> HTML >> Proceed >> Check the Expand Widget Templates
  2. Then find the bellow code by pressing CTRL+F



  1. Just replace the above code with given code below:

rel=’external nofollow’ expr:href=’data:post.createLinkUrl’


  1. Save your template and you’re almost done!

When we talk about Blogspot SEO we just added rel =’external no follow attribute to the comments of the visitors, so now search engines won’t follow the links inside comments? Some links are irrelevant for our blog so the search engine doesn’t follow these links.


7-Optimize label(Blogspot SEO tips)

1.) Go to Your
2.) Open Your Desire “Blog”.
3.) Go To “Template”.
4.) Click “Edit HTML”.
5.) Now “Click” Within Code Box.
6.) Press [CTRL+F] To Search <a expr:href=’data:label.url’ Code.
7.) Now “Copy” The Next Code And “Replace” It To Above <a expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag’ Code..
8.) Click “Save Template” And Done.


In some custom templates, they do not write rel=’tag’ if on your templates the rel=’tag’ uses so cannot change this.

8- How to optimize Archive link

  1. Open your blog
  2. Click on the themes>HTML>proceed
  3. Find the below code by pressing CTRL+F

<a class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>

  1. Replace the bellow code with above code


<a rel=”archives” class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>

  1. Save the themes.

This link tells the search engine this is an archive.

9-Change static Meta description

1)    Open the

2)    Click one templates>HTML>Proceed

3)    Past the bellow code below the <head>

4)    Save the theme.                                   

<b:if cond=’data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;’>
<meta expr:content=’data:blog.metaDescription’ name=’description’/>



10-Submitting blogger on Google webmaster and creating sitemap.

most important Blogspot SEO tip for blogger or any website.when we add this to google webmaster then Google will know about our site that a new website launch.

In blogger, Google automatically adds your property/blog on webmaster because blogger is the property of Google.

  1.  Search on Google and type Webmaster tool.
  2.  add your URL by clicking on add property if your property add.
  3.  click on Manage property>add or remove the user.
  4.   click on manage property owner.
  5.   click on verify using a different method.
  6.    HTML tag and copy the HTML code and past on the themes below the  <head>



Creating a sitemap

creating a sitemap is important for Blogspot SEO.

  1. Search the digital inspiration sitemap and copy the URL of your site and paste them into Google inspiration sitemap.
  2. After creating your sitemap copy this code.
  3. Open the Google webmaster and click on the sitemap.
  4. Past the code and of digital inspiration sitemap and your sitemap is done.

10 killer blogspot SEO tips before starting a blog
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10 killer blogspot SEO tips before starting a blog
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