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Google Adsense approval trick 2019 | Fully Approved with 1st Attempt

Can you apply for Google Adsense approval from your blog or website and getting disapproved by Google because there may be some adsense approval trick. Google AdSense approval is every blogger dream to get them but nowadays Google is more strict his policy more hard for those who get approval in some wrong ways.
Don’t worry about that, in this article I will share these points which can help you for Adsense approval. Some question that can be raised in your mind that maybe these.

  • How to qualify for AdSense?
  • Google AdSense approval time?
  • Why Google reject my application?
  • The site does not comply with Google Adsense policy?
  • How to earn money from google at home?
  • Buying AdSense account is Good or not?

After upgrading the policy of Adsense on 23 May 2018, Google mentions them,  the website user who buys Adsense account will verify his address in any time when google wants. so I prefer you it’s not too hard to qualify for Adsense.

These all question that can be raised in every new blogger when he starts work on the website and wants to earn money from Google AdSense?

Google Adsense approval trick 2018 with little work.

adsense approval trick

But the question is.

Why Google Adsense? (How does Adsense pay?):

Google Adsense is one of the best advertisement company all over the world which provide basic to high-level packages for his client.

It his hundred and thousand of satisfied customer who getting services from Google also and more reason of choosing the adsense is that you can earn more if you put your work in the right way and it paying rates better than all other ads network and Google Adsense earning per click rates also good from all other advertisement company. that’s why its popular in blogging and every blogger can prefer.

Everybody running behind and want to get Adsense approval so that can be the reason that Google strict his policy. And also Google AdSense youtube policy is harder. but don’t worry if you word in a real way no one can stop you from approval.

Eligibility for applying Google AdSense:

• According to Google, you should have a website or blog before applying for Adsense. You must have site or blog.
• Google also mentioned in his term and condition that you should be 18 years old before applying them but if you are not an 18+ then you can take a help of your parent or relative to apply for Google AdSense.

Copied or insufficient content

How to make a successful blog

Many people when they apply for Adsense they cannot look in the blog can them provide sufficient or quality content for his user. This is the biggest reason for Adsense rejection all the time.
If your content can be written in a poor style and it is not readable for the user and have spelling and grammar mistake it can be the reason for rejection.
Make sure your content is better and have no spelling and grammar mistakes and also avoid from this content. Your every blog post must be 300 of 500+ words or more depends on the topic but must be 500+.

Site navigation.

Blog design is an important factor and rejection of Adsense approval and your site should be user and mobile friendly which can be used smoothly for your visitor. And it must be clear and clean navigation.

  about us, contact us and privacy pages.

Make sure you created all these pages before applying to Google Adsense.
These pages play the main role in approving the application because Google will understand this user working professionally and work according to our privacy policy and the privacy policy page is one of the Google Adsense requirements.
These all the main points of rejection but there is Google Adsense approval trick which can approve your application that is below.


Google AdSense approval trick before applying:

These all Google AdSense approval trick will work correctly if you do this with the same way and put a little bit of work.

 Provide quality content:

adsense approval trick

The first thing which cannot be ignored before applying for Adsense is that you provide quality content for the user. This is the important and valid point which cannot be ignoring any cost.
Google approve those blog applications that provide unique and quality content and keep in mind your application review by the human, not a robot or software so you must provide good content which can inspire the application approver.

Your content should be good in below points.
• Unique and original.
• No spelling and grammar mistakes.
• No thin content.
• Informative and useful.
• Using bullets and headings.
• Proofreading.

Create about us, contact, and privacy policy and disclaimer pages:

There are pages which are important in the part of Google Adsense approval trick and you should create before applying.
These pages are more important before applying because if you create these pages Google will understand this you are working more professionally and real way. Privacy policy have an also requirement of Google.

How many posts before applying?

This question arose in every mind that how many posts to apply for approval as a  there are no exact numbers. So the answer is could be that you should have quality content.
According to my experience, you should apply after 18 to 20 well-written posts with 600+ words I also get my approval with 18 posts in just 3 months and my blog posts with 700 and 1000+ and there are 2 or 3 posts which range can be 300 words but almost others article 700+.

 Improve a blog design with Good templates:

Blog design also matters and one of the parts of Google Adsense approval tricks because if you will have to provide good and professional looking template, there may be any chances of traffic and your bounce rate will not be decreased because Google advertisement company also a provide good service for his client.
Many users click back to another site because of cheap looking design which can be annoying to the user. So you should use a decent and professional looking templates.

It should have the following features:

• Clean, simple and professional design.
• Easy to navigate for a user.
• Providing proper menus and use create a category.
• Fast loading.
• No useless widgets.
• SEO friendly.

So don’t lose the hope and there are many sites which provide free professional themes .if you are using blogspot for blogging so there is a lot of sites which provide professional looking sites.
If you using WordPress there are many premium themes available e.g. coloumag, newsmag etc. or if you looking to buy themes so I prefer MYthemeshop site.

Remove all other ads network.

adsense approval trick

If you are using any other ads network e.g. Amazon affiliate links or or any other which provide ads so you should remove these sites link from your blog.
Make your all blog with free from ads.
So before applying to make sure you remove all the ads from your blog.

Use top-level domain for your site:

If you are using subdomain e.g. then stop dreaming about getting approval because Google new policy prefers those site who use the top-level domain for his sites like .com and .net.
The domain costs can be in between 10-15$/year which is not costly and you can buy from Namecheap or GoDaddy buy I prefer you to buy from Namecheap.
Another thing about domain is that your blog should be 6 months old for Asian countries like India and China but I read in many forums and groups that there are many people who get approval in less than 6 months and I also get approval in 3 months with 18 posts and there are many bloggers who rejected after 6 month domain age.
So the answer should be that which I discussed in the first heading is that your content should be unique and quality content.

 Check your blog content type.

adsense approval trick

Site content also matters that which type of content that you publishing in your site. Here is some type of content which is against the privacy policy of Google and the site which provides this type of content may not be approved.

• Site with pornography/adults content.
• Pirated software.
• Hacking and cracking content.
• Drugs
• And all other illegal information which affects google privacy.

Traffic sources:

adsense approval trick

Google doesn’t like those sites who derive traffic with paid or illegal ways so there the damn chance of Adsense disapproval if you using paid traffic, you can derive traffic from a search engine or using social media or another valid way.
So don’t get traffic from other illegal sources.

Verify your name and email:

Don’t forget to add your name and email in your site e.g. contact and about us pages because it will verify to Google Adsense team that the person who applies it may be actual you or any other person.
This will take less Adsense approval time and you will enjoy fully approved AdSense fastly.

Final words:

I hope you will bitterly understand the how to get approved for Google Adsense using these Adsense approval trick and maybe getting I idea how to approve. I guaranteed you if you follow all these points, I have written to you, you will get approval and the quality content, blog design which is highly recommended.
If you learn really get something new from this article as related to Google AdSense approval trick please share this with your friends who working on blog.

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