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Top 3 Best blogging sites | Honest Opinion with Pros and Cons

Best blogging sites:  Honest Opinion with Pros and Cons 

Blogging is the way to connect with the world and share your experience and information with others using your blog but you have to know about which blogging platform is better for me over several best blogging sites platform.

Nowadays blogging is the way to promote your business or any product of your company but before you starting blogging you have to select the best blogging sites platform and wants to do a successful blogging.

If you’re confusing to select blogging platform, then you lucky here because here we share some main points about these best blog sites.

How to choose Best Blogging Sites Platform

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If you intend to select any best blogging platform to make money or your business products then you should know about what these platforms provide for his user e.g. friendliness usability, Features, extendibility, Maintenance, monetization option, and cost.

best blogging sites

WordPress is a popular blogging platform and it completely open source platform with free user-friendly templates. Among the several blogging platforms, WordPress is only the platform which uses by many big bloggers around the world. The reason of using this platform by many bloggers is by the CMS system.

WordPress update over the last two years to provide a better user experience interface. And know it becomes the king of easy to customize of a site and there are several plugins which make you each activity easily. Today many people run his site on WordPress and make money WordPress.

Before hosting a site on WordPress you need a hosting and a domain name for your website. There is a free version of WordPress but it has a limited storage of storing a file.


  • Friendly Interface: you can easily solve your every problem with one click because of the functionality of plugins.
  • SEO friendly: you can easily rank your blog because there is the good number of plugins which you can use to rank your blog in a month.
  • Access Root Directory: you have a full access of your root directory and full control.
  • Free Quality Themes: WordPress provide a lot of themes which give you extra look to your work and the main point about these themes is that these themes are Mobile friendly.
  • Great Community: if you face any problem regarding your site there is much community from which you can get help.


  • You’re responsible for your own site security, backup and performance because sometimes you can outsource from your hosting.
  • WordPress is friendly for the beginner but if you running your own site, this will need to learn about some technical terms.
  • In you have to buy your own hosting.


best blogging sites


If you looking to run a free blog then blogger is the best free blogging platform. This is a platform which uses many big bloggers in the stage of beginning and now they are millions of followers on social media. Blogger is easier to use and you can add photos and share a content without any recharges. Blogging can be included in best blogging sites.

Using blogger you can edit your HTML and add widgets which many platforms not providing. Blogger is the service of Google so you should have a google id to run your blog. Here is the comparison between WordPress vs blogger.


  • Pricing: blogging is free for the blog and you can run your blog with subdomain name. If you want to use your own custom domain name, you can install them ( it’s called domain mapping). Blogger providing free SSL with a domain name which is preinstalled from google.
  • Simplicity: blogger is simple to use, if you using any project or services of Google e.g. Youtube Channel, Gmail or google drive, you can simply go to and sign with your username and password.
  • Speed & Performance: blogger is the product which is in under the google that’s why Google takes care of speed and performance and you don’t worry about the speed of the site.
  • Security: the good thing about blogger is that it fully secure, google update the important requirements regarding blogger e.g. patches of blogger.


  • Look and appearance: blogger user interface is worst if you using his own custom themes and it has a few themes which are not mobile friendly. There are many themes that you can install in a blog but it still not providing a professional look to your blog.
  • Updates: Google cannot update the blogger that’s why it took time of ranking site because the ranking factor is also about on-site SEO if your on-site SEO is not good. It means you have to do On-page SEO more accurate.
  • Support: blogger has limited support if we compare this with WordPress, blogger provide some documentation and community support but it’s not enough for us.

best blogging sites


There are hundreds and thousands of the way to build a site. become the best blogging sites platform to build a blog and now it becomes the brand to building a website.

You can build your site on Wix using tools and software, and you can only access your site through admin panel.

You can build the free website on Wix and there is free service but your site will with a subdomain( e.g. There are fewer functionalities in free plan and you cannot customize your site as you want but if you looking to turn your site for the premium plan there are more functionality and features.


  • Wix has free features to build your site if you know about the internet and a lid bid how to know about a blog you can easily create your site.
  • The one thing that is an easy drag and drops feature similar like if you creating an admission form on Microsoft word.
  • Themes in Wix created by high ranked web designer so you have no worry about the layout, design, and responsive themes of a website.
  • Wix is including one of these website builders in which you can add an animation of images and text but you have to care about user disrupted.
  • Wix automatically creates a backup your site which you can save at any time and you don’t worry about losing your important information.


  • If you once pick the theme for your blog then you cannot change the entire theme. You can only be changing on that theme but you cannot change completely.
  • If you move your site to another platform, you can not get your content, design of your blog as you want. Wix does not give you the responsibility to leave them. There is one way, you copy paste the content to another platform.
  • Its starting plan starting plan without ads from 11$ called combo and it is the cheapest plan of the Wix and the competitors jimdo also providing the cheap without ads, plan with 7$

Final words: Best Blogging sites

if you looking for best blogging sites that you check these to create a blog. Blogger, WordPress, and wix have become the best blog sites.

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