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5 Important things before building a new website

engine optimization expert says approximately the SEO of the website begins whilst you building a new website. As we compare this, when we start any work in our life we should plan for this or any idea or any roadmap which tell us how to do this. As in simple words that we have a structure of any work that we start.

this is the points that we should discuss in Building a new website if you building a new website you have a structure of this. So why not you creating a site you start them an initiative that would help more. Here we discuss the 5 important things before building a new website.


building a new website

5 Important things before building a new website

Website niche/Topic:

This is the most important point that you building a new website. Many people when created their site they think, I will upload about games, news, songs, Movies etc. so this is very bad as an SEO point of view that you select multiple topics for a site. If you think I can conquer the whole world, it is not possible. So I recommend you should start on a single topic that it will help in SEO as well your site will look better according to my humble opinion.

Website Micro Niche:

This is another point before starting a site. As I said in above that you should select a single topic but it is another tip that is better in SEO point of view. For example, we were building a new website about the health topic, so this is called single topic.

There are many topics related to health there are many diseases, many medicines, exercise but If you select in health topic that is “how to lose weight” that is called micro niche. So this will help more accurately ranking a website in SEO point of view.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting is the place where all the files including images, articles, and documents are saved. If you select any web hosting you need to sign in and install your site in them.

You can select any web hosting for building a new website but do your mind that the uptime of the hosting is 99.9% is best. Because many web hosting provider has a specific time in the year or in some month, the server is the turn-off for 2 or 3 hours. So if you select any hosting you must check the uptime of this.

So I recommend you did not get hosting from ipage because that uptime is 95.5% which is not good for the website. There are other like HostGator, Blue host etc uptime 99.9% which is good and fastest web hosting. I am also using the hosting of Hostgator.

Domain Name:

Two ways select the domain name for the website. The first way the domain name has to be a key-word primarily based. You can also search by Google Adwords to select the domain name for building a new website. If you select the domain name on keyword-based should check the search competition keyword.

firstly you must select the low search competition which is good for your site. The second one is your domain name is branded that easy to remember for anyone.if you looking for registering domain name then you should check the Godaddy and NameCheap because these two are competitors in this time.

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