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How to choose a blog name | 11 things to remember

How to choose a domain name for your blog? • How to pick a domain name? • Can I use my name as a blog? • How to find best domain for blog? • What is Domain name • create domain name. • choosing a blog name How to choose a blog name

After picking the blog topic this is another tough challenge is how to choose a blog name. Naming for anything is the biggest task because when you choose the name then that will be the future of that thing or person. There are two main points for choosing a blog …

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11 ways to secure your WordPress site

ithemes security ithemes security plugin is wordpress secure how to secure wordpress website from hackers best wordpress security wordpress login security login security plugin wordpress security plugin. wordpress security issues secure your wordpress site

I have seen many website owners who are nagging at their site security. As a site owner site security can be a big responsibility. Here the tips that I personally share with you how to secure your WordPress site because many people have a question “is WordPress secure or not”?. so …

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5 Important things before building a new website

engine optimization expert says approximately the SEO of the website begins whilst you building a new website. As we compare this, when we start any work in our life we should plan for this or any idea or any roadmap which tell us how to do this. As in simple words that we have a structure …

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Top 15 best WordPress plugins

  Whether you run a self-hosted a website for your personal or business you want to have some plugin for your website to ensure that your site working well for visitors that what they want.   List of best WordPress plugins: Akismet All in one SEO Pack Antivirus Askapache password …

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Blogger Vs WordPress-Good and bad points

  Here we discuss some good and bad points of blogger and WordPress. I hope you will better, these are two popular platforms to install your site for hosting, so if you want to create your site and you’re are not decide which platform is we discuss all the …

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