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What is difference between https and http

When you in internet life there is any way to enjoy yourself using the internet. You can use the internet for movies, cartoon, and music.but as an owner of the website you should take care of your site security.
In 2015, Google had their HTTPS everywhere campaign. Google indexed these pages fastly which uses SSL certification security for their site.

There are many basic steps to secure your site from a hacker by using protocols of https and http. so here we discuss the difference between https and http. and also what is the benefits of https.

Difference between https and http

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocols: it is the protocol that can secure the data of sending and receiving messages on text-based.but there will be no layer that can be secure from any other hacker.
HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocols secure): it is the same protocols but it encrypts the data.

When you use the protocol of HTTPS on your website it secures your data when you transferring web data from the server to show web pages. It works as a more mediate between server and client. In internet terminology, the client is web browser from where we access to any data and server is that place where our file is stored (web server).

Here we simply know about HTTPS how they worked it. For example, if you shopping from any site. We assume that shop is a server; owner is HTTP and me as a client. If I buy anything from shop mean some content or articles to show me if the other side anyone hacking my some personal information and relate this to any other server. In this way, if the owner means the HTTP protocol is weak. So it will damage the server of any website.

If the site has HTTP protocols, it can be interrupted by the 3rd person who can use your bank account number. Because the connection is completely open that anyone can access them. As I tell you above that “S” abbreviation is Secure.

Many web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer display a padlock to ensure that the HTTPS is activated on the site.

So when you shopping or using your bank account on any other site so please first check the SSL security of site by checking the padlock on the address bar.

Benefits of using HTTPS on site:

As we see the benefits of HTTPS on site. If we have a blog in which we apply on the protocols of HTTPS it will rank on Google because of Google Rank those site who using these protocol.
If any site using the HTTP, the Google will hardly give a ranking on the search engine because if the website owner not serious about his basic site security so Google why give his rank in search engine.

Why HTTPS is more secure:

The HTTPS is the protocols that provide the data security to any other server. It uses the SSL (Secure socket layer). HTTPS is harder for the hacker to hack something from your site e.g. email address, password and debit card number in case of shopping on another site.
Yahoo has 1 billion account hacks before the using of https protocols using. Many Yahoo users have lost their mail addresses.

The SSL provides you 3 layer protection which means no one can access you what you are doing any site. These three layers are encryption, authentication and data integrity.
Encryption means if you online in any website, for example, you are login a shopping website. The encryption layer will hide your history what you are doing that no one can access them.
Data integrity provide If you search anything on any website that there will be no other 3rd person that can change the search result and direct you to other sites.
Authentication means you are in a fully secure website and your password and username are secure.

How to install an SSL certification:

There is much company who provide you to install an SSL certificate on your Cpanel of your server.
So first if you using any hosting e.g. Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy etc to ask them can the hosting that I will use is capable of install SSL certification. If you using a business package there are many hosting providers who give you to install them on SSL certification.SSL certification provider website. GeoTrust, commodo, Godaddy, and thawte etc.
I hope you will bitterly understand the difference of https and HTTP!!

What is difference between https and http
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What is difference between https and http
There are many basic steps to secure your site from a hacker by using protocols of https and HTTP. so here we discuss the difference between https and HTTP.
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