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How to Earn Money From Whatsapp Using Google Adsense

Many of you who wants to millionaire in a night but there are few people who played on a time well and achieve his target and there are few people who operate on this, How to earn money from WhatsApp by Google AdSense.

Maybe you have watched this on many videos on YouTube or blog post in which tell us how WhatsApp makes money on other ways like affiliate links, link shortener or ads fly but in this article, you will learn about how to earn money WhatsApp by Google AdSense. Before this trick, there are many few tips which you have used to earn money but this is too enough for us as you compared with this trick.

How to earn money from WhatsApp Using Google Adsense

But the question is that.

How I start to Earn money from Whatsapp:

You may be noticed on special events like Christmas, Independence Day, Ramadan or Eid etc. you received some status links on your Whatsapp account and when you click on this link you opened on a new tab.

How does whatsapp makes money

There you will see some animation of images with your name including ads and if you will share on Whatsapp groups and with friends, there are many chances it will be viral.

What eligibilities have a need to starts:

If you want to know How to earn money from WhatsApp using Google AdSense, the first thing you have a blog or website.

Don’t worry if you have no blog, you can create a free blog on

You have to simply go to

  • Create a new blog
  • Put your blog name and address of the blog.

Now your blog ready

The second thing is you have a Google AdSense account. This is the man thing that you have to need for your blog. If you have no Adsense account, you can buy using and there are many facebook groups on which people sell AdSense accounts at a cheap price.

The third thing is you have a little knowledge about web design. If you don’t know about web design, you can simple web design from w3school to learn in one day.

Procedure: how to earn money from Whatsapp:

Here I share the script, which you can use in your blog to show flash messages but you have to do some changes in this script.

Download the Script

There are following changes you have to need:

  • Replacing your Google analytics code.
  • Adding your Google ads code.

This script code is about the Independence Day, you can change the images and title of that code in a script.

Then you have to put this code in your blog.

If you are using you have to go the theme and click on theme>edit theme and paste the code.

How does whatsapp makes money


But you have a hosted blog on WordPress then you have to go your file manager in cPanel>click on public.html and upload this file.

How does whatsapp makes money

These all things you have to need how does Whatsapp earn money if you have all these you can start today and Earn.

Final thoughts: How to earn money from Whatsapp

Earn money from Google Adsense every one do in nowadays but if you will do this in a smart way, you can earn much more. Sharing a viral wish on WhatsApp can able you to Make more.

I hope you will bitterly understand how to earn money from WhatsApp by Google AdSense. If you have any queries regarding that topic, you can feel free to ask on the comment section and if you have any other friends who have an idea about web design and Google AdSense you can share with them.

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