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Top 10 easy Fiverr gig ideas to Start Earn Money Today

Every person when they came to earn on Fiverr then they have one question what to sell on Fiverr but they have no idea to start work on Fiverr, for this they start searching easy fiverr gig ideas. I know Everyone might not be completely skillful but he will do something if he has the passion for any work. If you think I have no skill that I will do not any work online then this is wrong.

If you simply sing, write, sketch or design you can start your selling on Fiverr for just $5. Before working on Fiverr I suggest you initial read those people gigs who already managing the same gigs on which you starting your selling. For example, if he designs a banner on $5.There are some tricks that you elect to get your first order on Fiverr.

You can also get help from bellow article.

How to get the first order on Fiverr?

In this article, I share some easy Fiverr gig ideas that you can take to work on Fiverr. don’t worry that Fiverr paying rate is starting from $5 there are multiple packages that you can select (for example $5,$20,$40)its depend on your service which you provide for your buyer.

Before starting a work on Fiverr, first, think about is that the service which you provide you will do or not. does not look like a spammer. for example, many people created a gig on which they tell, I will provide you with 500 facebook fan page but they have no idea how to do this. This will cause the negative rating and comment on Fiverr and failure of any seller on Fiverr. Below are the Fiverr gig examples.

List of easy Fiverr gig ideas:

  • Facebook timeline and cover photos:

This is most demanded easy Fiverr gig ideas. most of the company or website owner when they launch a website they create social media to get more audience through his social media pages like the facebook page.  if you a lid bid how to know about image editing by using some tools like adobe photoshop you can create this. But if you have no idea about adobe photoshop there is a lot of online website which you can use to create a facebook cover image like Cover Junction, Timeline Cover Banner, Pic Scatter, and FaceitPages will all do the same job.

  • Image background removal and retouching:

image editing is one of the gis that is easy and most demanded Fiverr gigs that anyone can do. If you know about something a lid bid idea about Photoshop(you can watch the tutorials on youtube where you learn to remove the background, its easy one not hard) you can simply use a pin tool to remove the background of an image or using a background eraser tool to remove the background.fiverr gig ideas


Nowadays people working on this gig and getting a lot of orders. This is One of the best Fiverr gigs to make money. This gig is mostly demanded by Amazon user who remove their product background.

  • Favicon creator:

Favicon is an icon which website owner use on his top of the website for identity because if any person creates his website, the platform on which he creates his website the default favicon of this platform show. You can simply create a gig on which you provide to covert the logo into a favicon. Simply ask the buyer to give the logo of the website to convert into the favicon. Here is the free tool” free generator” which you can use to create the favicon.

  • Install WordPress securely:         

Its easier to install the WordPress by using two methods in just 2 minutes. People pay for this you can to do this and this is easy gig to sell on Fiverr if you have an idea about hosting and Cpanel of the server.

The first way to install the WordPress is that if the buyer hosting of any server for example if he using Hostgator hosting. In Hostgator, there is an option to install the WordPress by simply a single click to install in just one minute.

The second method if the server having no option of installing a WordPress but most of the hosting company give an option to install but in case of, if any hoster not giving an option of installing WordPress. You simply search the and download the files and simply install them on hosting cpanel where all the data website will be stored.

After installing the website simply install the ithemes security plugin.

  • Installing WordPress templates demo:

Most of the beginner blogger, when they buy any premium template but they worry about this because it did not look like a demo of the theme. If you any about this you can simply use the tools of the importer to import the demo of any site.

  • Edit articles:

Most of the company when the write any article the need to check some article grammar and spelling mistakes so they give the order on Fiverr for editing. You can work on this gig by simply using the advance Grammarly software to edit the 1000 word articles in just 10 minutes.

  • Creating about us, privacy policy and disclaimer pages for the website:

There are many websites who create these pages to get quickly for Adsense approval and create a website looking professional. You can simply use online tools to create these pages. Privacy policy generator, disclaimer generator create these pages online.

  • Whiteboard animation:

Whiteboard animation gig is also sold on Fiverr. There are many online tools which you can use to do this, sign up for today and start a trial to learn whiteboard animation in just only minutes. There are many online websites which you can use to create the whiteboard animation videos. I recommend you to create the 10-second video in $5.

  • Edit videos/add music/graphics:

if you have window movie maker which you use for simple video editing. For example, adding an image and watermark or merging different videos. If you look towards a quality video editing there is premium software that is easy to use to edit videos such as Camtasia and filmora etc which suited with you.

Final words:

If you really work on Fiverr then you have to work hard from the beginning. you have to online every time, create portfolio etc. These are the determinants which you can use to get your first order. you can simply use these fiverr gig ideas.

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Top 10 easy Fiverr gig ideas to Start Earn Money Today
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Top 10 easy Fiverr gig ideas to Start Earn Money Today
There are many easy Fiverr gig ideas which you can select to earn money without any serious skills. Start Now and Earn Money.
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