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How Google Search Engine Works | How Google Rank Articles.

How Google search engine works | Ranking Factor

If you desire to know how Google is exceeding popular and helpful search engine then you further know about how Google search engine works to push-up any website over several sites.

Without any search engine like Google there is impossible for us to meet out require information because there are many sites and mostly site providing same articles but why google rank some Blog post.

Google uses some particular algorithms to produce the outcome/result. Like many other search engines, Google uses some kind of software which is spiders or crawlers. Google also has a large number of keywords index and page rank which Google give each site according to their backlink score.

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How Google search engine works to rank your article, there is some main reason which today every site use to rank his own site.

  • Relevancy of Content(On-Page SEO)
  • Authority(OF Page SEO)

When someone searches a specific information on the Google search Query, it provides the info according to the customer satisfaction. If you get them in your own article you can rank your own webpage.

Web page authority can be considered if you providing a unique and useful content because you cannot cheat the Google system that’s why you have to ignore that you will rank providing a bad content. A unique content will help you to maintain your ranking because if you cannot creating a backlink of your site, someone can use a referral link to your site.

These are some basic points now we come to know about How Google search engine works in details.

How search engine works step by step:


When we enter any keyword in a search query, Google shows these page which is already indexed. So this thing Google made faster to show the result. Google cannot have a big database to store all these pages and show these pages every time when a user enters the query.

That’s why Google index these pages to fast this process for users. Google cannot store stop words e.g. ‘if’,’and’, the’ to store the space.

Ranking Algorithms:

When your content is now indeed now its time to the process of how Google search works to show the content. Google create the copy of these pages and arranged the pages in the index. Now when someone searches any query, Google shows them with a relevant search.

Each time when you search for anything, it may be a thousand of results but Google shows the web pages which optimize his content according to Search Engine and this is the Heart of SEO.

How Google Algorithms work:

Now it’s time to now Google algorithms play a role in how Google search works. We know all about matrices of On page SEO and OF page SEO. These two matrices apply to rank any article.

how google search engine works

For example, if you search for “delicious cake”.

Metrics 1:

This matric is for URL if you use the keyword “delicious cake” in your URL Like this Google will identify the keyword in your URL which is the major point of the ranking of an article. But only optimizing an article to use the keyword in URL is not ranking practices. There are many other things to rank but I just telling about Google algorithms.

Metrics 2:

The 2nd thing is about backlink of the page. If you create the backlink related to your niche, it will benefit from your site but if you get a backlink from spam or irrelevant sites it cannot juice your backlink to give a ranking.


Authority is a backbone of ranking and if you want to know how to google search engine works to rank the content using PageRank( Now its name id Domain authority). Page Rank is the key to how does google search work.

Page Rank can understand in the form of votes when you link your web page to other pages its called getting the backlink from other sites. There are two types of links

  • Do follow links
  • Nofollow links

Dofollow means when you create a link on other site and that site assure you the content that links with that site is trustable which you share on that in the way of comments, guest post.

Nofollow is the opposite of do follow the link but we cannot say its to not beneficial. If you create any link to other sites if the site allowing noFollow that’s mean that site not assure of your content is trustworthy.

If you link you with other sites if they already get more votes that’s mean its beneficial for you to boost your page. These links pass page to page and its beneficial for every site which links to them and its called page juice or link juice.


Relevancy is about your content that how your content match with a search query. After indexing of pages its time the Google, how do search engines work to rank the web pages?

In relevancy, you have to customize your content according to keywords. Using a keyword in Title, URL, Alt text, Heading1, Heading2, Meta Tags and Meta description are the main points to rank your keywords in the search engine.

Relevancy is the mixture of On page SEO and OF page SEO. If your domain name is related to your search query then there are many chance ranking in Google.


Some website owner only customized his content artificially according to the search engine, the cannot provide quality content and just optimized his content. Love and Hate with SEO also Google but on the one hand, if you providing a quality content and helpful for a user, Google see this with positive eyes but if you customize content with wrong way, this will dangerous for you.

Trust is the part of these matrices, which is driven by domain authority and which kind of links you have for the site. If you get these links from spam neighborhood sites which may affect your site but if you get them from edu. Or academic site (trustworthy sites) which has the high score of trust and this is valuable for you.


Google display the content while someone searches for any keyword which is attracting humans and as well as robots. If you providing an content but you totally fill it with ads and any other sponsorship which may affect the user experience, Google may not see this with the positive eye. Google provide the content which is easy to read.

Page speed is another factor of ranking. If your page load slowly and it takes time for a user. This thing also googles see which page load slowly and visitors click back to other sites.

Bounce rate also includes the factor which googles also identify in any search query result. If any web page providing poor content, not helpful and user go back within seconds. This thing increases the bounce rate which means user not satisfy from his content.

Results Type:

how google search engine works

if you searching for anything, For example, if you searching in your cell phone the result that display will be different and if you search for them on your desktop computer it maybe displays search differently. Google cannot show the result using different formats, it uses them what thing that user interested in.

This is actually how Google search engine works.

Final Words | How Google Search Engine Works:

These all steps Google use to provide the quality content for his users to maintain the highest position among the several other search engines and what are search engines other do.

These all thing play the main role in how Google search engine works to rank any blog post. These are some main thing.

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