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How to choose a blog name | 11 things to remember

After picking the blog topic this is another tough challenge is how to choose a blog name. Naming for anything is the biggest task because when you choose the name then that will be the future of that thing or person.

There are two main points for choosing a blog name:

  • Branded name.
  • Keyword-based.

There are many confession while we selecting blog names. But remember every name is good for your blog if you put better content. As I tell you there are many confessions about site name ideas.

  • How to choose a domain name for your blog?
  • How to pick a domain name?
  • Can I use my name as a blog?
  • How to find best domain for blog?

How to choose a blog name (11 things to remember)

What is Domain name?

A domain is the name of your site which you can use to access on a search engine. A domain name can be a combination of words and numbers and it may be an extension with .com or .net or any other which you select from domain registration site.

Every domain name is unique and no other person can use for his website and Every site owner should be registered his domain before launching his website.

In this article, I will give some information regarding how to choose a blog name. You can use these tips select domain name.

How to choose a blog name you won’t regret

What is your blog about?

If you already decide the name for a blog then the answer should be straightforward. If you were not decided then this is time to find the answer to that question.

For example, you consume your some time on a domain name and you find a name for blog “sky photography” but you change the topic of your blog to gaming or fashion then your going to wrong way. 

Suppose your blog topic about fitness and health and your description of blog maybe” A blog about general health and health advice” but would it be easy to remember for the visitor. Keep using the simple and easy name for a blog.

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 It must be equal to domain name:

if you’re using your name different from your domain name, this is the main reason if any viewer visits your blog firstly and after some days he wants to read something other from your site then he will put the name with .com but if you using other names then your blog will not show for your visitor.

The visitor can access your blog again in the case of any link or post. To create the blog name with similar to domain name that’s why if any visitor revisits your blog he will do this.

Does your blog name ready ok in the form of Url format:

Picking a domain sometime good in the form of text but if you will read them In the form URL it can be harder for visitor. Below is the example of the URL which can be read in a different tone.

  • Who Represents >> >> Whore Presents

Check your intended blog name and search them that anyone can review your idea because it can be easy by one word blind.

Can your blog easy to spell and read?

Sometimes a blog looks better on paper but when you by your tongue then it could raise different words in your mind.

For example, if you intend a blog name “byte of data” it looks good but when you tell any other person then it may be spelled as “bite of data”.

Use any other language:

if you do not find the name which you think it can be best for my blog then you can use some others language words with them to create your blog name.

You can use Google translator to get an idea about the other language words which can be related or unrelated to your niche.

Time to use pen and paper:

Sometimes online tools did not help for domain suggestion or unique website name ideas then this is the time to put the pen and paper in your hand and keep thinking about words. Much time there are the words that can be in our mind but we don’t use these.

You can invite friends or get help for blog name ideas. Start the session by brainstorming of your friend because during this session there will be everyone different thinking and he would give the idea with other perspectives which you never think.

 do not use misspell or numbers in domain name:

Many people do a big mistake while choosing a blog name. I saw many blog names that use numbers in his domain name and someone uses misspell the word in his blog name.

So before selecting domain name make sure there are no mistakes in spelling and don’t use a number in them.

Do your search:

If you are not comfortable with using a combination of words to create a domain name then there is another way to find a domain name. Check out the Google keyword planner it will give you some combination of words which will give you organic traffic because these name on the keyword based.

And if you these words not available as a domain, you can use the synonyms of these words. There are many online tools which you use for words synonyms. You can use for this purpose because it works well and I really love

Check the keyword competition:

Checking the Competition of domain name is very important because there are many other sites that use some words which can be matched with your domain name.

For example TechCrunch, Techlancer etc. they all use the word tech in his domain name. So before selecting domain name make sure you check the competition of that keywords, maybe it will a big competition on that domain name.

Using my own name:

If you do not intend the niche of your blog then this the way to use your own name for your blog name. I saw many bloggers who use their own name for a blog especially for general lifestyle so if you create your blog on your own interest then why not go for it.

Ultimately, the thing that can matter for choosing a domain name is that you love it. So put it the work and start knowing.

How to choose a blog name -Final words:

Choosing a blog name is a most important part before starting blogging and it can be considered of any blog success.

It is the base of any blog before creating because any blog can be a success if they have base strong.

I hope you will understand all the tips that how to choose a blog name and if I miss any tips or you have anything info about that you can share with us in a comment section.

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How to choose a blog name
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How to choose a blog name
After picking the blog topic this is another tough challenge is how to choose a blog name. Naming for anything is the biggest task.
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