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How to choose keywords for SEO to Rank the Article

The webpage does not rank itself after creating backlinks because there is the big and most important reason that is how to choose keywords for SEO. I apply many tricks to rank my website. Are you really running behind to find such kind of information which solve my or give more ideas about ranking?

Maybe question to raise in your mind that there are many websites who have to create a little number of backlinks and whose DA(domain authority) and PA(page authority) low than your site but why my site not going rank.

There are two factors of ranking which you should keep in mind.

it’s not too tough to rank articles as you think. There are ingredients that every person who wants to rank an article.

The key ingredients’ that is behind every rank web page.

  • Deep research of keywords.
  • The content that you share.
  • Domain authority.


So here we share some gaudiness and some tricks that can improve that how to choose keywords for SEO friendly article.

 How to choose keywords for SEO to Rank the Article.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is basically the deep search of words or it may be longtails keyword that can be related to your web page content. Keyword research can be some time see three factors.

  • Highly search.
  • Low competitive.
  • Highest return on investment(CPC)

Keyword research is basically determined by the audience which you target. So the first thing to target your audience is that the keyword which you use for content can be potential for an audience who find the information which he looking for.

For example, you have a small company who offers some courses that you think about why I want to create a website for my academy so you create them. For example, we assume that you don’t know about how to do keyword research and you want to create the academy name is Google(assume that) but some time user does not relate that keyword that you use for company. Maybe you use for them Google academy or Google company but audience use to find for them Google course so for this you use Google courses which you can idea from keyword research tools.

You can use Google trends for this how searches that compare other terms. there are many bloggers who use this to get an idea of which country most uses this keyword. you can use this to customized keyword research for blogs.

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How to find keywords for SEO by keyword research tool s:

  • Google keyword planner.
  • Keyword tool io.
  • Moz
  • Majestic
  • Long tail pro.
  • Google Correlate.
  • Semrush
  • keyword everywhere


How to choose keywords for SEO step by step:

Create the keyword research excel template on your computer which includes these title. Your research must contain all these processes and create all these steps with separate excel file. this research will able you that how to choose keywords for SEO.

  • Filtered 1.
  • Filtered 2.
  • Finalized keywords.
  • Golden finalized keywords.
  • Golden keywords.

Step 1(Filtered 1)

For this, you have to create a keyword research excel template for every article for which you research keywords. First of all, you open all these tools which give suggestion about keywords e.g. (Google Adwords keyword planner, keyword tool io, Moz, keyword everwhere Chrome extension, Longtail pro) then you copy all these keywords randomly and save them in keyword research excel file along with Search volume, competition, and CPC. When you complete that steps this is the next step.

The template contains these three columns:

  1. Search volume.
  2. competition
  3. CPC

Step 2(Filtered 2)

In 2nd step, you filter that list of keywords. In this step, you remove or delete all these keywords which contain less than 3 words which called longtail keywords. And one more thing in this step, you also remove all these keywords which is less 1$ CPC and also these keywords which are too different from your targeted keyword on which you going to write an article.

The second step template must remain the same but you want to changes that are discussed in above.

Step 3(Finalized keywords)

After completing step 1 and step 2 step move towards step 3. This is the main step that how to choose keywords for SEO.

In 3rd step, all columns ingredients will remain the same but add them something new within other files of excels. After finalizing all keywords in step 2, Now this is the time of each keyword to finalize as a Google keyword with below strategies. This process mostly important that how to choose keywords for SEO.

The new excel file will contain these columns along with previous file columns.

  1. First-page Site URLs

Firstly you save all the blog URL by typing “your keyword” on Google.

  1. Intitle:

Check them what is the ratio of using intitle that how many people use this keyword in his post article by pressing intitle:”your keyword”.  Make sure the searches must be less than 1000.

  1. Inurl

As like to intitle process, type inurl:”your keyword” and also search must be less than 1000.

  1. Number of words in an article.

Visit each site and check how many words that using by site owner in his article because this will give you an idea that if I want to rank my articles which I must know what is the length of the article by comparing other sites.

You can check MS word to calculate or if you want to work faster you can use online word counter but I will not give accurately.

how to choose keywords for SEO

  1. PA/DA.

You can find the PA/DA of web pages by using Mozbar by extension or using his site. DA/PA must be found by typing ”your keyword” and the first page must contain 2 sites who PA/ DA less than 30 out of 100.

  1. External backlinks.

The first page contains 2 sites which have less than 10 external links. You can check the external link by SEOquack browser extension.

  1. Backlink

Backlink of the first page must be less than 10 links which you can check by Moz bar browser extension.

  1. CF (citation flow) and TF (Trust flow).

TF and CF are starting by Majestic SEO tool. CF means no. of links which include an irrelevant link and coming to your site and Trust flow means those links who must relevant. TF increase slower than CF so first page of two sites which CF/TF less than 15.

You can use Majestic SEO tool to check Citation flow and Trust flow.


Step 4(Golden finalized keywords):

This process will finalize keyword research strategies and you will be able that how to choose keywords for SEO.

Again In this step, we will add some new columns in MS Excel file which is created for research.


Keyword in URL :

As I tell you in previous, type in inurl:”your keyword” and mark these site on your excel file who use and not use the main keywords in his URL. You can simply type fill them by Yes and No.

Keyword in title:

Type intitle:”your keyword” and mark these site who use or not the main keyword in his title.

Keyword in H1, H2 tag and description :

Check those site by typing intitle:”main keyword” and check those site who use or not use the main keywords in his H1 (Heading 1) H2 (Heading 2) and Description.

how to choose keywords for SEO

Keywords in Alt:

Keywords which you use for the image, if you using WordPress you will see this option while uploading an image for articles.


Intitile and inurl<1000

with keyword <1000000

DA<30 and PA<30 with 2 sites

Backlinks<10 and External backlinks<20 with 2 sites

CF<15 and TF<15 with 2 sites and CPC>1$

2 General niche sites and 2 parasite pages


If your keywords in final stage finalize all these which is shown in a table that is well and good otherwise the keywords which a lid bid touch this research.

Final words:

If you complete this strategy that how to choose keywords for SEO. I sure your post will rank because these are the mistakes which commonly people do during writing his article but if you will fulfill why not your post will rank because Google rank those posts who use relevancy on his posts. If this article helps you please share with your friends on social platforms.

How to choose keywords for SEO to Rank the Article
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How to choose keywords for SEO to Rank the Article
The webpage does not rank itself after creating backlinks because there is the big and most important reason that is how to choose keywords for SEO.
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