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How to earn online Money? Easy tips For Students

People Ask Me How to earn money Online money. So here is the answer Earning money online is possible but some people who consider it is difficult. if we see this question this is not to tough in this era many people if he has a great mind he would do anything, but how there are many poor students who want to earn online but they did not know.

There are many students who search on the internet and found these site who have some demands for a partnership that’s why many of those who did not want to earn online but here we share these way of how to earn online way which can anyone easy to start without investment.


How to earn online? Any Students can Start Today.

Video Publishing

If u likes to creating different kinds of video so there are 2 or 3 platforms, in which you can publish your video and earn. For example Dailymotion and YouTube but YouTube is a big platform to earn money by monetizing your video. There are many people who create their video and publish them on youtube and earn monthly 200 to 300 dollars or much more.

People create a video about cooking, technology, vines, tips, and tricks etc. So if u interested in any niche you can select it and create a video about them. when you create your video you need to publish them on your youtube channel and get traffic on different social media but most of the important is SEO of the video which gives you traffic much more(called organic traffic). You will get earning through western union or direct to your bank account.

If you want to earn from youtube, you need to be Learn of video editing and image editing(simply editing not hard it is easy)

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How to earn money through video?

  • First, you can create your channel on youtube.
  • When you create your video perfectly then it needs to be published on your youtube channel
  • So when you upload your video concentrate on the keyword, I mean the topic/niche of the video that can define your video will.
  • There are three steps to upload the video on youtube when you work well on these three steps as an SEO point of view you will be rank.
  • On 1ststep select this keyword for your topic/title that has less search in the search engine because initially, your channel is new when you published your video there can be competitive with those big channels who already million of subscriber so select these keywords on which the competition in less number.
  • Then use the word of the topic/title in description randomly as like a story. When you write your description the words of title must be used in randomly.
  • In third step “tag”, type these word through which people can search your video, for example, your video is about funny then people would search (funny video, new funny video, funny animals etc)
  • You can share these video on different social media that you can get more views on video.
  • Remember this, youtube and Google is a father if you will cheat the system you will be kicked out from the system and your channel will be suspended. This will happen when you click on your own site advertise ads.
  • When your channel approved from Google Adsense then Adsense will show ads on your YouTube video. When people watch these video your ads show on your channel and you will earn through these ads.
  • The earning of your channel will depend on the CPC rate and visitor that engage with your video.

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Blogging/ Article Writing

Blogging is the easiest way to earn money, for this you have a great skill of article writing and deep knowledge about the niche. Your blog must be informative and unique to attract the visitors. If your blog has good contents and the number of posts is about 15 to 20 then you can monetize your blog. After monetizing your blog from Google Adsense or other ads website but Adsense is best. They will show different ads on your site when visitor visit your blog for the post when the visitor clicks on these ads the Adsense will pay you. if you will cheat the system otherwise you will be kicked out. This will happen when you click on your own site advertise ads.

double your blog earning:

If you attract the user in a great number you can double your blog earning by affiliate marketing, from affiliate marketing you can review the products of different kinds as an article and sharing the pictures and videos of the product. From blogging, if you sleeping your earning will be starting.

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Fiverr is the best way to earn money if you have some skill like Graphic designing, writing and translating image editing, logo designing, banner design etc.                                                                                                                                        fiverr pay in every order 5 dollar or much more it depends on your service that you provide for a buyer.

Before starting a work on Fiverr you can create a GIG for the buyer in which you describe your service including pricing, images and all detail of your service. if the buyer like your gig then he/she will give you order and the order will be completed in the time that you give in your gig otherwise your order will be canceled.

Simply working

fiver provided the platform simply to earn money online just you have some skill that helps a lot to earn.nowadays. people earn from Fiverr in great number so if you have any skill in graphic designing, web designing and other skill that you could do very well so sign in to Fiverr today and show your skill.

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Related sites:

There are many other sites as a Fiverr from you can earn money without any investment

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • People per hour


in these sites, buyer post the project on these sites.

the client will bid on that project and buyer selects the client for his project.


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