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How to get traffic to your blog with these 3 Smart ways

when we come to website ranking the one thing which every blogger ask how to get traffic to your blog because this is the only one reason to rank sites.

SEO building momentum takes more time even they take months or years when you launch a new site, you need to get more traffic fast and every website traffic rankings based on SEO.

So we do get increase website traffic fast. These are the questions that every new website launcher asks from anyone. The common questions that asked by many people during the discussion.

  1. How to increase website traffic?
  2. How to make your blog popular?
  3. How to get traffic to my blog for free?
  4. How to get visitors to your blog?

Here are 3 things to get more traffic on your website but there will be some tricks using these tips. So know you have to set up your Google analytics tools to track the website traffic. So let’s know these 3 things that How to get traffic to your blog fastly.

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How to get traffic to your blog (3 Quickly ways)

Posting on Reddit| Reddit Traffic:

Are you really want to know that how to get traffic to your blog than Reddit is a website which you can use to share links of your blog post with thousands of people around the world using various subreddits(categories).

Its good website for getting traffic for the blog and every blogger using this for traffic but you have to follow the rules of that site because this has strict rules that you don’t get banned.

Choose a relevant Subreddit:

Subreddit is one of the powerful features of Redditt on which people share links, text or videos. This is basically topic section on which you can share anything related to your subject.

For example, you have a post that you want to share on Reddit, for this you want to select that category( Subreddit) which is match with your topic. Assume that you have posted an article in your own site related to gaming then you select the subreddit related to gaming.

You cannot post an article of gaming in other categories because it will against the rules of Reddit. There is a search bar on your right-hand corner which you can use to find or explore any topic that you choosing.

What the audience is already discussing (Note the Topic):

If you are in the category of gaming then check out that subreddit what people talking in that. For example, people talking about the game Call of duty then you should go with people interest.

Its good to engage the people using Reddit but don’t do it overtly just connect content related to your brand

Follow the Rules (Don’t get banned):

Keep in mind, Reddit is used for the consumer and People use this to want quality content, not an advertisement.

If you sell anything e.g. product or any other things related to advertisement so stop it. You can only post in the circle of advice or related some informative post. In this way, you can be banned from this website by the Reddit team. Also, keep in mind, every subreddit has own rules, so don’t break this and work smartly.

Use twitter traffic to grow website:

Twitter is one of the secret sources for building an online brand. You will clearly the tricks that how to get traffic to your blog. There are some tricks to grow traffic by using twitter. If you will know that tricks you will get more traffic as compared to Facebook and Linkedin.

Here is some Tips get traffic.

Using HashTag:

The hashtag is the best way to spread your tweets related to your topic. If you don’t know what is a hashtag, it is basically the combination of one or two words behind the # for common discussion.

The hashtag has been used for connecting the followers in a great way. There are few methods of using the hashtag to when you get traffic your blog.

If you want to promote some specific blog, page or Ebook then you create your own hashtag for them.

For example, you create a hashtag for your blog that is #Mybloggingtips . This creates a place and if anyone uses your hashtag then It will show on hashtag search feed. It will generate more interest in your blog and you will derive more traffic.

General post related hashtag:

The hashtag which relates the topic of your blog. This tweets will show to other Twitter user who will search that topic which you already have written about.

Using @Mentions:

You can increase your traffic using @mentions in your post. You can use a mention in many ways to engage twitter user.

If your blog post related to some companies, prominent blogger or customer then you can mention them in your tweet that links back to your blog.

Mention those people who commented on your blog and this is the time to thanks your post readers. You can also mention the author of your blog, or guest post blogger o your site.

Ask followers for Retweet:

This is the great way to get your site related tweet to retweet them. Ask your follower to retweet your post that’s why you will get more link.

Ask Questions related to your topic:

Using questions in your tweet can generate more engagement and it will get more traffic to your blog.

You can see the example, that hootsuit ask a question in their tweet and he ask a playful question for followers.


Use short tweets:

A tweet is good if you use small and short. Generating compelling content which it should be 140 or less than may consider the good title.

When you writing a tweet of the blog post then try to, it creates. Short tweet makes more interest in your blog article.

Check this example, Brian Clark creates a short tweet in just 6 or 7 words with less than 55 characters to create a call action for his blog post.

Put the quotes in your tweet:

Create a tweet that gives taste followers of your blog post. Find these quotes which can give flavor to your post.

Check out the example in which give the follower to click forcibly on that link. And again you don’t need to put the title of your blog post that what about is that.


There are 55% more likely to get retweet by quotes and also check through a website.

Mistakes that you avoid on Twitter:

There are 3 mistakes which you avoid on twitter if you want to look cool.

Stop publishing photos or logos:

Think you are still an egg and keep in mind to avoid publishing photos and logo. If you are in these people then stop reading like these posts and fix it now.

Not tweeting enough:

Don’t think twitter is like a Facebook or Linkedin in which you tossin content. It’s different and also not an email box.

bad headlines:

Put a title in the tweet of 140 characters and think you will get a click. No. no. try to create the title like the blog post and use the key headline that should be clickable and share by followers.

Using Facebook for Traffic:

You have noticed that if you sharing your blog post on facebook but you don’t get traffic expected result and you want to know how to get traffic to your blog using Facebook and how you can get likes on facebook.

Its possible if you know the tips get more blog traffic from Facebook.

Here we share some tips about Facebook marketing.

Add your site website link:

People miss the adding site URL in his facebook page because there is a lot of chance to get more traffic and also high pr do follow a link which Facebook provides for the user.

There is an appropriate field in about in which you can add your site link.



You can also add the link in your personal information area which is also good that your Link will show your visitors highlight. You can saw this options after clicking on about and just scroll down you will also see all these e.g. add site Url and others options.


Use your page Milestones to derive traffic:

Facebook page Milestones feature is powerful in which you add your site link. Facebook Milestones is basically signifying features which can grow your business.

You can use this feature by clicking on three dots with the button of share and you will see this at the end of a list.

Click on save button now people will see your milestones when the visit about on your page.

How to find the content of people interest:

It’s also important that the content that you share can people also like this. You can check this in page insight in which you watch all these posts which you published.

You can get the idea of how many people to click on the post, share, and comments.

Create facebook like popup for your audience:

If you want to get more traffic from facebook then you want to create more audience to your page. And the best way is that you ask these visitors who visited your site and like your page.

You can use optinmonster for that purpose.



Final words:How to get traffic to your blog

These all are amazing tips to derive more traffic to your site because many people who are a beginner in SEO who can implement them to get more visitors to his site.

I hope you will understand all these tips that how to get more traffic to your blog using Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

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