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How to make a successful blog and Earn Money-Complete Guide

When I started my own blog I have no idea where to start and thinking about this how to make a successful blog. Perhaps maybe this case with also with new bloggers or maybe with you too. Maybe you have a good idea about starting a good blog.

Every new blogger when they start the blog they have one question that where to start a blog and how to run a successful blog.

We all know to earn money through blogging is the best way to make money at home but if you don’t know where to start then it is difficult for you.

You will only start a successful blog when you have a passion to work on the blog and have a mentality of helping others with good information. Every successful blogger does not start blogging with the aim of making money and if you earn money from blogging then you should have thousands of visitors on your blogging but in starting if you have a passion of working then you should go through successful blogging carrier.

Here are some tips and some main thinking of successful blogger when they start work as a blogger.

How to make a successful blog and Earn money online


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What is blogging?

Blogging is the art of writing and you can start blogging to share your feelings, ideas, tips, diaries and some useful information with your readers all around the world and earn.

Can blogging make you become richer? Of course, there are many successful bloggers who start blogging and know him enjoying his life from blogging. You can get the example of Gerard Adams who started his blogging and know the profits $50 million.

There are many questions that can arise in every new blogger.

  • How to start a blog?
  • How to create a blog?
  • How to create a blog for free?
  • How to start a successful blog?
  • How to create my own blog?
  • How to make money with a blog for beginners?

Below are the tips that how to make a successful blog.

Difference between Successful Blogging and Simple:

Whether the thinking about simple and successful blogging.

When you start your blog to share your feelings and for joy that something many bloggers as a hobby do and they have no idea about ranking, traffic, SEO, comments and social media. All these things that not matter for simple blogging and this is called simple blogging.

But I don’t say you this is bad and this is every new blogger need before starting his blog.

Successful blogging is something about creating my own blog for earning money and providing meaningful information for his visitors.

What you thinking “how to make a successful blog”.

Picking a Niche that you’re interested in:

When people starting blogging as a carrier they have different motivations. Some of them start blog form getting a follower, some want to start as a small business, some start to earn money and some derive traffic to his company website.

How to make a successful blog

Whether your motivation as a blogging for his a successful blog then you want to pick a niche that you are interested in. When you want to how to have a successful blog then you should be searching for your niche.

Creating a successful blog want to research about your blog topic. You need to watch videos, reading articles and books about your niche trends.

The goal of your writing content should be that if any user visits your site then they have wait for reading about your site. It may be hard but you have to put your own technique in writing.

Picking domain

Picking a right domain is something essential for every blog. If you pick your name then this will be the future of your blog as a name.

Some important tips before picking your domain name.

Make it branded:

When someone reads your domain name it should look like a brand. Don’t use the numbers and hyphens in your domain name.

Use the keywords:

Select your domain name which is based on keyword. Means when you select your niche about gaming then your niche should be for example or etc.

It should be short:

Choose your domain name is short which is easily remembered for anyone. For example, if anyone visits your blog then he remembers your blog name for the revisit.

Choose .com domain extension:

You may be thinking about domain extension why people prefer .com domain extension for the blog and why they do not prefer other. So the question is that this is one of the top level domain extensions on the internet today.

Use pronounceable domain name:

Choose the domain name which is easy to think and say.

These all are the important tips before selecting domain name but if you want to select your domain successful blog then there are the more tips related to picking a domain name.

Picking hosting:

If you are started your site self-hosted on WordPress then you should choose the good hosting provider for your website or blog.

The hosting provider plays also a main role as a successful blog because there are many hosting provider whose servers up time very low. Server uptime mean there are many hosting providers whose server is off for some time maybe 3 to 4 hours in one year.

Hostgator, Bluehost server up time is 99.9% which is good and everyone prefers but I don’t tell you to select these there are many other which can be alternative of these. Do research about picking hosting.

Maybe you know very well about the picking of right hosting provider. And this is main tips for how to make a successful blog.

Choose the Proper Blogging Platform

Many bloggers when they start the blogging they need the best platform for his blog. There are two platforms on the internet today.

  • Self-hosted platform WordPress (
  • Free blogging platform (
  • Wax is the new platform for blogging but I have no idea about wax.

There are many facts about WordPress vs. blogger and which is best for blogging. Here I share some bad and good points about WordPress and blogger.

Blogger Vs WordPress

If you are writing this article this is some good points about WordPress.

The good point is SEO because you have no worry about your site. Because in WordPress you can be optimized for your all site SEO using one plugin(e.g. Yoast SEO).

There are many plugins available on WordPress which you can use to make your work easier. If you have penny money in your hand then you should start on free blogging( after getting info about blogging then you should start work on WordPress.

Only Write About What Your Audience Wants To Read About:

You should have an idea about your audience what they want to read from your blog post. If you will pick this thing in your blog then there are many chances of your blog success.

How to make a successful blog

Many readers before reading the post they check the whole post. If he gets some points in your article in the form of headings or bold words then he will start your post from starting.

Here are some tips on writing a reader blog post interest.

For example, if you are writing the post about any disease then you should do research on the topic what people want to read. If anyone wants to get info of cure about flu then you should some extra information about that post.

For example, what is the effect of flu, which peoples people affected by the flu, how to get rid of them etc. and all these points you should highlight in the form of heading and create alternative headings for your post.  Your target content should be 70% and the extra information should be 30%.

Publish Your Posts on a Schedule:

Every successful blogger will agree on this from this thing. Your post must be published in your daily based. It’s important to publish a lot of content on the blog but there is essential your reader anticipate your next article.

Publish your post on the weekly based without losing rhythms and readers appreciate your word. Visits these blogs from you help religiously and check the dates and time of these blogs post which he published recently.

If you think it is hard for you and you are worried about the post on the schedule based, your all right. It’s quite hard but if you put work in them and you will find the way of polishing your post language.

Write Eye-catching Headlines for Your Blog Posts:

A headline is the first thing that every reader observes on your site before starting your blog post. In order to achieve this, you should use your headlines to the point and short.

How to make a successful blog


Use some eye-catching adjective in your headlines like “awesome” “amazing and outstanding to make your article more affecting for readers.

here are some tips to write a good blog post.

Engage With Your Readers

Comments are the best things to know about your post. Social interacting is very important as a blogger and you can receive feedback about your content.

Encourage them to share their thoughts about your post, or raise some questions at the end of the post that’s why you will get extra info about your topic

Turn of the restriction on comments and keep focusing on the discussion of your readers. So followers can read your content and responds to the comments about what they want. and ignore all these comments who hate your work instead of inspiring.

How to make a successful blog

Write In-Depth (avoid from thin content):

Many people do the mistakes while they writing a blog post too short and brief. Keep in mind we are living in this time and everyone wants to get some useful info in the return of his precious time.

How to make a successful blog

Don’t attract only the visitor s with eye-catching titles because it will give you focus the reader to visit your blog but if not get info of such kind which he needs then don’t be expect he will back on your site.

Remember your competition is already with the unique content creator but if you do not provide useful information for your reader then you will get the answer to that question how to make a successful blog.

  • Do research before writing blog post.
  • Provide examples related to your topic which can define the post on to the point.
  • Use images, graphics, and videos to clarify your idea.


Blog design is one of the facts that how to make a successful blog because it will be the first impression of any new reader when he visits your blog. But many people select the theme but don’t stick with and change them again and again.

If you will change your blog theme after a single week or month then you can lose your readers because if any reader he visits and read some blog post and satisfy from them. Then he will also visit your site to read something other stuff.

When you change the blog design completely again and again then your old readers cannot clarify his self and he will think “can this is the blog that I visited previous”.

DO your blog SEO optimized:

Seo is the main factor in ranking your site and get more traffic on your site. You will never ignore this term when you start your blogging carrier because it is the every the main answer to that question that how to make a successful blog.

There are two categories of SEO:

On page is related to optimizing your entire site, it is related to your blog post. you can be optimized your blog according to SEO by proper keyword research, choosing longtail keywords, SEO friendly blog URL, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, using the main keyword I H1, H2, Title, Alt text and descriptions etc.

Of page is related to growing your website authority using link building. Everywhere Authority is the main factor of ranking if you have no authority then you will not grow your business either you have a good stuff of content.

In of page SEO you can improve your site authority by comment backlink on other sites, profile link building, bookmark site, directories, social media site, and forums.

If you want to learn detail about SEO you can visit the SEO categories for more information and this is the main fact of how to make a successful blog.

Final thoughts:How to make a successful blog and Earn Money

Starting a blogging needs to read articles and tips but in the long fun, this is something take a long time but you will do it if you to put in work

I hope you will clarify and understand all these tips that how to make a successful blog if you have any other tips related to blogging you can share with us in a comment section.

How to make a successful blog and Earn Money
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How to make a successful blog and Earn Money
When I started my own blog I have no idea where to start and thinking about this how to make a successful blog. Now I share my complete experience.
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