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Instagram Followers Increase Using These 12 Tips | Get More Followers


Instagram now turns the most solemn content marketing and everyone wants Instagram followers increase to promote his personal and brands.

When Instagram was introduced, it gets 3 million users in just 3 months and now its users increasing day by day, and its users reach 700 million. This is a huge one and now everyone wants to target his customer or audience on Instagram.

Sure, you also want to find these tips to get likes and followers on Instagram.  So how we target more followers and promote our profile.

Here we share these tips that can help you to rock on Instagram with thousands and maybe millions of followers. Keep in mind those tips will work not quickly but if they get a track on road your followers increase day by day in a double or triple digit.

So let’s starts.

 Ensure Ways to Instagram followers increase Per Day

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Identify your targeted audience:

When you on Instagram or any other social media you must identify your audience related to your content

For example, your targeted audiences are mostly female or What age audience are coming to? And which type of lifestyle they like, these all things matters in social media promoting.

If you have a profile related to photography and if most of your audience from the middle ages then you should go with those interests.

instagram followers increase

Once you identify your audience what kind of people come to your profile, then you can take a decision on what type of content you can post, which language that you will use on your post with captions.

Post photos that attract visitors:

Posting an attractful post on Instagram is one of the main reasons for your follower’s ups and downs. If your post quality low then you should develop them.

your every post is more helpful and beneficial than the earlier post and these are tips that can Instagram followers increase.

Create an overarching theme:

If you are posting text more than photos on your profile then you should increase the number of posts with photos because our minds process images more than text easily that’s why many people prefer read articles with images.

instagram followers increase

For example, if you’re selling products which can be memorable more if you will post with photos and every time it will likes by your visitors among all these 4 billion post daily on Instagram.

Use Similar brands images on every platform of social media:

Your every post spread same feelings that you post in everything because this will tell you the people you do work professionally.

In every platform, your posting style should remain same e.g. logos, font of your text and colors.

Using relative hashtags:

Instagram followers increase

Using a Hashtag on other platforms may be not like or causing irritation someone but if we see this on Instagram this is one of the features that originally core of that platform and it plays a main rule in real followers for Instagram. Hashtags also play the main role to gain followers in twitter.

Here we share some tips that you must follow and some of the things that you neglect using Hashtags.

The Things that you must follow in Hashtag:

Hashtag for Brand:

Hashtag which shows the real image of your product your products which you selling and it may be the combinations of words related to your brands.

Your own brand Hashtag:

You can create your own hashtag for your brand and make sure the tagline you use on other platforms and during email communication. It will take famousness with time and there is much perceptibility that will rank.

For example, Lays is “#LifeNeedsFlavour”.

Tagline with Location:

If your brand is for a specific country or city than you can use this as a Tagline on your posts which will filter your post with that location.

Hashtag related with post content:

Use the tagline related your post content and it is the best way to explain post with the hashtag. For example, if your post related to photography then your post tagline is #PicOftheDay.

The Thing you should avoid in Hashtag:

Use too many Tags:

If you’re using too many hashtags in your post then stop that because it will mitigate the image of your brand in audience point of view and it will look spammy and worse for a user.

Gimmicks hashtag Using:

Some bodies when they get more followers on Instagram immediately they use #LikeForLike or #FollowForFollow Tagline to Instagram followers increase, Maybe they run and you gain Instagram followers temporary.

It won’t help you to get significant and engagement follower to you, so stop like these kinds of hashtag and spot on the tagline which is related to your post, brand or products.

Follow other relevant users:

When you follow any user on Instagram then there are several chances they look back to check your content once, if you’re content he likes then you will get follow from him.

Remove unwanted tagged photos of you from your profile:

Removing unwanted tagged photos that can do your friends and there are maybe many posts which can not related to your brand or content.

For this, you want to choose “edit tags” select the photo which you want to remove and click on “hide from profile”.

Ask your followers to tag their friends:

Instagram followers increase

You can tell your followers to tag their friends on comment section who interested the content which you share.

For example, if you sharing photos of photography and the people who love photography you can mention.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups:

If you really on those people who want to increase his followers fastly then there are many engagement groups which can you use to get Instagram followers and likes.

Instagram followers increase

You can also join these groups to get followers on Instagram fast but you need to do some attention because there are many people who share his interest and in the return, you follow them. This trick I do with my Facebook page in which I got 500 likes in just 2 days.

You can also find these kinds of groups related to foods, beauty, photography, and games.

Write compelling captions:

Using eye-catching caption in your post can bring the attention of visitors and it may improve your Instagram followers increase. There are some key tips about building a caption that can attract visitors to like them.

Instagram followers increase

  • Create a text which is the bunch of few words that expressed the main idea of your post. It should be on top which is easily visible to your audience.
  • Raise a question in your post which can people force to comment on your photo and there is a chance to visible your post to more people.
  • If your post related or matching with some story and your post can bitterly is best to explain them. You can use long caption on your post which Instagram also allow us. Short caption more attracting but sometimes if the post needs long caption we can use them.

Craft a great bio and profile:

Your profile is the heart of any followers before him following you. Think about this if anyone profile is not clear and something incomplete in your accounts e.g. Name, Bio then any Instagrammer why follows you.

Name: you can select the name of 30 characters and select one word must which is in Instagram search mean keyword based.

Username: make it username which relates to your other social media network because if any followers on other social media will easily found you on Instagram.

Bio: Express the complete image about your brand on Bio that why they want to follow you it all matters on your Bio because it shows all the representation of your profile.

Website: if you have any website you can add them to create your profile more professional.

Post at the right time:

Publishing a post is also matter to  Instagram followers increase. You can publish your post at various times to check your visitors. We also get found that if you publish your post in 12 AM to 1 AM from Friday to Sunday you will get a change in your visitors’ result.

But every brand has different times, check the active time of visitors. Many people free on Sunday and Friday because there is no work day.

Follow People who Like Competing Pages:

Find your competitors by search and follow these people who comment on the photos. Using this tip you will gain more followers on Instagram.

Comments on those people post who follow you and keep in mind your every comment not same as other users who comment on them. If you comment on any question on the post if he asks any question then you should capable to give an answer.

Have a consistent style that hooks people in:

Posting a good post is an art and everyone does not do this. Make sure your every post is quality good from a previous post and your every new follower not predicts that your next post will dull.

If you bring this regularity on your post every post, you will get likes on Instagram continuously.

Final thoughts about Instagram followers increase :

Using social media and grow followers is tricks and if you have a passion of growing audience on Instagram then there is nobody stopping you to thousands of followers but it depends on your choice and demand.

If you follow all these tips e.g. hashtags, finding targeted audience and writing style etc you will achieve your goal and get your question of that answer how to get followers on Instagram.

I hope you will begin all these points in your Instagram tactics and you will obtain your targeted users and  Instagram followers increase. Share your opinion about this article and also share with your friends.

Instagram followers increase
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Instagram followers increase
Instagram now becomes the most serious content marketing and everyone wants Instagram followers increase and promote his individual and brands.
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