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3 Important Things To Know Before Starting to Make Your Own Blog


So you want to make your own blog and earn something, yes, you are right but you have to put in the work. Many people when they make a blog the one thing that they exist in his mind is “Money” if you also in these kinds of person then stop thinking about just starting to make your own blog.

It’s not like that work that you join today and you will get your payment in next month but if you put your work and do all the things in blogging smartly then nobody stops you to Earn Thousands of Dollars from your blog. The only one thing which can create you a successful blogger is that you just have a passion for working on a blog.

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If you are a great writer and you have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then you can start your blog. Don’t worry if you have no idea about SEO. when I starting my blog, seriously I have no idea about SEO. These things come from experience, you will learn these things with the passage of time while you doing blogging. There are many courses available on the internet and you can start learning.

By the way, we come to our main topic; this post is about the 3 important that you know before starting to make your own blog.

Starting to make your own blog: 3 important things

No Guaranteed you will make money online from Blogging:

If you can ask from me or any blogger the answer could be average blogger will be that Earn money from blogging is not so easy.

Many people think blogging is an easy task and just we set up a blog and we will start to make money online. No, no you have to build a great number of audience for your blog; it will be from search engine optimization (SEO) tricks or promotion.

make your own blog

Even if you derive the traffic to your blog, there is no assurance you will make money because you have to monetize your site from some advertisement company e.g. Google Adsense.

A passion of blogging cannot be ignored:

If you starting the blogging carrier as a passion and you want to share your knowledge with this entire world then your blogging road leads to successful blogger.

make your own blog

This is only one thing that makes the people failure in blogging they only join blogging to earn some money but if you will be a have a passion; you will achieve your goals which you expected will complete from blogging.

Why are every work leads to money when we born our main target is making a money. You will earn nobody can stop you to earn but you should have a passion for that work. for example, if any person get a job but they not happy from his work which he doing, the reason behind his passion.


There are many newbie bloggers they pick the niche which they have no interest and no knowledge.

Many of them starting a blog to make money from a profitable niche but they did not know if I start my blog can I manage them. If you want to create your own blog successfully then you should go with interest based niche/topic otherwise there will time you will stop blogging carrier. There is a lot of many other profitable niches which you can select earn money more.

Make Your Own Blog: The Conclusion

There are many other things which you should know about these above 3 important things to make your own blog.

You can make a successful blog if you have a passion and your all focus is on sharing your knowledge with the world. If you only focus on money then you cannot continue your blog.


Make Your Own Blog
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if you want to become a successful blogger then you should follow these 3 important things before you starting to make your own blog.
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