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Namecheap vs GoDaddy : Who is The Winner Of This Comparison

The domain registrar turned fastly and the competition between Namecheap vs GoDaddy is at the top of the list Throughout these 5 years.

its something difficult to choose the domain registrar among all these top companies,  you have noticed that there is much company who provide only domain name service while others provide hosting. Two of them more demanded companies in those years for domain registering.

Here are review some features of these two companies of the domain registrar,  Namecheap vs Godaddy and how they become most demanded companies and which company is the best place to buy the domain.

Namecheap vs Godaddy- which is best domain name registrar:

How to Select a Reliable Domain Registrar

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The main things that we check before selecting domain names registrars is that are these companies access all these domain names and URLs than other companies.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before for domain name registrations. What features that provide domain company? Is it prices can compete with other domain registrar companies? Is it this company provide an easy process to manage your service and account? These all questions matters before you going to select.

If you research and confuse between those two domain registrars for your new blog, NameCheap or GoDaddy then this article will help you to decide which is reliable for you because here we share the complete review about these top domain registrar companies.

Here is little info about NameCheap and Godaddy:

namecheap vs godaddy


namecheap vs godaddy

As a dominant domain name registrar that sanctioned by ICANN. This company established in 2000 and it refined his market share since it was founded. It provided over 4 million domain names to his customers and it also providing web hosting, cloud-based service, and email hosting.


namecheap vs godaddy

In term of size, GoDaddy is the largest platform for domain registration. It was founded in 1996 and it registered 59 million domains registered from all over the world.

Godaddy also provides the services of subdomain registration, privacy protection, SEO and online marketing tools.

Who is more Cheaper | Namecheap or Godaddy:

Many people when they buy domain name the only thing that they ask is that prices. No doubt, it is the main factor.

These both domain registrars provide a domain in cheap rates. Godaddy provides you to grand discount when you register your domain name but when you renew them its rates comes much more from your expectations.

Godaddy starts his promotion from 0.99$ but when comes to see his renewal price is 15$ but if we see the Namecheap its,  .com domain price is 10.69$ for the first year(2.88$ valued) and its renewal price is 10.89$ with plus whois privacy 2.88 dollars.

namecheap vs godaddy

So when we see that prices then Namecheap is the winner of that chapter in case of renewal price because It renewal charges low than GoDaddy.

Renewal prices:

namecheap vs godaddy

Which domain name registrar has Good customer Support:

When it comes to its support both companies provide 24/7  free service but there is a difference in made of communications. Where GoDaddy gives no quickness for live chat and Namecheap does not provide phone call service to his customer.

Namecheap live chat support is good and they respond quickly to solve your problem because when I register my domain name on Namecheap I face some issue regarding registrations but its solve within an hour due to live chat support.

But when we see the support of GoDaddy, according to many bloggers they have horrible experience of GoDaddy support and they cannot reply immediately when you face any technical issue or related to registering a domain.

While GoDaddy provides service of live chat from Monday to Friday and you will connect to your live chat within 10 minutes in case of an issue.

When it comes to seeing Namecheap, you have no need to wait to connect with your agent through live chat and I never had wait for my live support for just 1 minute, it’s extremely fast.

If you compare of those two domain name registrar then this clear Namecheap is the winner. It’s not just telling me, there are many other experts who have complained about the poor support of GoDaddy.

User Experience

Every person have a limited time so every best domain registrar has a goal to provide better and easy to navigate to find his domain name. Managing a domain name should not take too much time during these days. This section is about the purchase, Navigation, and the use of these sites.


Namecheap have a good search engine and you will easy to search your domain name which you need. As other large competitors this site does not use bells and whistles and when you visit that site you will easy to navigate them.


Godaddy site using experienced is lovely and colorful. For the first, Godaddy focal point is one upsell and each click of your mouse you will face different advertisement and different offers. If you want to get your domain name quickly and fast then the only thing that can you give progress is that upsells.

If you see the rating of these sites, Namecheap has 4.5/5 and GoDaddy have 3/5 ratings.

Namecheap vs Godaddy Company Values:

Every person wants to support those companies who negate the Internet Piracy Act (SOPA). If you know about SOPA the purpose of that is to limit the liberty of internet user.

Namecheap is only the company who opposes the SOPA and everyone has rights and wants to use the internet without any restrictions. As we see the other company, Godaddy strongly backed personally SOPA that wants to lock the customers’ agreements for the long term.

Domain Privacy

Namecheap offers SSL ( Secure socket layer) at great low prices as you compared to Godaddy. You can buy SSL from commodo in 9.99$/year but if you will this from Godaddy then the charges is 69.99$.

Domain Name Extras:

It is not abnormal that every domain name registrar provides extra services in the price of our subscription. There are many companies and of course, there is competition among these that they make extra effort to provide extra service from other companies in the domain registrar industries.

Namecheap Extras:

  • Whois Privacy is free with the package.
  • Free custom name server.
  • There is no history that is hacked by someone that means reliable DNS.
  • Namecheap charges $3 on photo storage and they have limited hosting packages.
  • 100% free services of email forwarding.

Godaddy Extras:

  • Godaddy extra charges on the custom name server.
  • It provides limited packages of hosting and photo storage free for 1 year.
  • Godaddy offers his email service in upsell packages.
  • It provides reliable DNS but the site has been hacked.
  • It charges an extra fee on the whois privacy.

Which has the better user Interface – Namecheap vs Godaddy:

All domain registrar website has cool and easy to use search tools that take not too much time to find your domain name.

A dashboard is the main thing that anyone wants it easy to use and simple. If we can see the dashboard of these both domain name registrations company then Namecheap provides clean and smoothly use a design of the dashboard and other hands Godaddy interface of a dashboard is confusing for a new user.


namecheap vs godaddy


namecheap vs godaddy


upsells maybe the thing that many companies who attract the customer to buy his services and there are many businesses who lost their client due to upsells.

Both of these companies, Godaddy is more popular in upselling and they attract the customers to buy what you want. If you are a new buyer and you have no idea about the buying procedure then GoDaddy will help you to pay for a bunch of things like email service and hosting.

In other hands, NameCheap has low upsold, unlike GoDaddy. the Namecheap process is looking profession, clean and they did not trap the customer to buy his services.

Namecheap vs GoDaddy – Final Thoughts:

In all of the above comparison, Namecheap has a winner.

The reason for this review is to share among these two domain name registrar and both of these are good domain registrar in his opinion. Both of these provides domain name in his reasonable prices, security and customer support.

I hope you will bitterly understand the review between Namecheap vs Godaddy and after the comparison of these, maybe many of you go with Namecheap because of many reasons. If you have other queries regarding this review you can share with us and don’t forgot to share with your friends on social media.


Namecheap vs GoDaddy
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Namecheap vs GoDaddy
During these 5 years, the domain registrar company grew fastly and the competition between Namecheap vs GoDaddy is at the top of the list.
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