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11 ways to secure your WordPress site

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11 ways to secure your WordPress site I have seen many website owners who are nagging at their site security. As a site owner site security can be a big responsibility. Here the tips that I personally share with you how to secure your WordPress site because many people have …

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How to add office address in google map

How To Add Office Address In Google Map Adding a home address on Google map is important for those who have an own market, shops, office or home. people will find your home or office easily. here we discuss and see the method that how we add the home or …

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5 Important things before building a new website

engine optimization expert says approximately the SEO of the website begins whilst you building a new website. As we compare this, when we start any work in our life we should plan for this or any idea or any roadmap which tell us how to do this. As in simple words that we have a structure …

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What is Affiliate Marketing? A Beginners Guide

What is Affiliate Marketing? A Beginners Guide Some people literally no idea about that what is affiliate marketing. How many times you have to think about your Goals how I get my new car, iPhone and go with trips with my friends, if you really thinking about this then this article is for …

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10 killer Basic blogspot seo tips before starting a blog

  People created their blog but the did not set the basic Blogspot Seo setting then the face the many problems to rank the post. here we discuss all these Blogspot SEO tips which improve your blogger blog on search engine.follow all the Seo tips to improve your blog ranking. …

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