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11 ways to secure your WordPress site

I have seen many website owners who are nagging at their site security. As a site owner site security can be a big responsibility. Here the tips that I personally share with you how to secure your WordPress site because many people have a question “is WordPress secure or not”?.

so the answer is that WordPress update his system every month and every week that’s why there is no chance to hack the WordPress easily by a hacker but everything is not fully secure in this world, for this use some security tips to secure your WordPress site. if you want to know how to secure WordPress website from hacker.

Tips to secure your WordPress site:

Secure the login page:

Every person knows the WordPress login page to access easily to your site by typing /wp-admin/ or /wp-amdin.php/ at the end of your site domain. So why I recommend you to secure your login page, because there the hacker can be hacked your password through some combination of words. So keep in your mind your site username and password must be strong.

A lockdown feature of login can solve the problem of attempting the password many times. Itheme security plugin can use for this if any hacker type password up to specific that you adjust in setting the site will block for that IP address for 24 hours.

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Use email as for login:

Using an email for login is more secure than the username because username can easily be predicted but the unique email ID cannot. Any WordPress site created by the unique email address that cannot be hacked.

Wp email login is used for this purpose if you install and activate, then It the site will be login after you put your email address if your email address valid then it will go to your username and password page.

Rename your  login URL:

Hackers can access your username by typing admin at the end of your Domain and uses some combination of a password. The itheme security plugin which many bloggers use as a wordpress security plugin.

that can change the login URL name of the site.

For example, changing the name of the URL.

  • Wp-admin to my-new-admin
  • Wp-admin to my-new-login etc.

Using SSL to secure data:

Applying the SSL is the best way to secure data between data transfer data between browser and server. It complicated a for a hacker to hack them. By using an SSL certificate, you can purchase from some company or ask to host provider to hook with your site.

The SSL certification sites got ranking from Google. Using SSL in site your domain address change from HTTP to https which mean your site is secure because if you see the abbreviation of these words “https” the “s” means secure.

Backup of your site:

The backup of data is secure your site WordPress site if your site got removed or any other issues by Google. In these situations you have a backup of data, this is good in this point of view you may not upload the posts on your site again.  Simply using the backup file to upload to your server.

Updraft plus plugin provide the backup of data daily, weekly and monthly bases to send the files to your Google drive. These all files stores automatically on your Google drive.

Set strong password:

A strong password is very important for WordPress login and database must. The hacker guesses the password using a different combination of words. Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special character in the password.

Password generator can create a strong password for your site.

Change your admin username:

Don’t use the username as an “admin” because the username easily approaches by hackers.

Many WordPress users using “admin” as a username but this is not good in site security point of view because if hackers know your username by simply admin then he would hack your password by using some tricks.

Disallow file editing:

the hacker can access your site and broke the password and username then he would be some changing in your site. If you disallow the editing then the hacker cannot modify your setting in WordPress dashboard.

If you want to secure your WordPress site editing then you add the following code into wp-config.PHP  in theme editing at the very end.

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);


Delete the plug-in and themes, you don’t use:

Deletes all these plugins and themes you don’t use on your WordPress site because they create the back door a for the hacker. So delete these plugins, deactivation is not enough to click on delete.

Remove your WordPress version number:        

Your current version of WordPress can easily be hacked by viewing the source views in your site page. if the hacker knows about which version of WordPress that you use then these are points that hacker can easily hack your site.

You can remove the WordPress version by using ithemes security plugin on your site.

Final Words:

if you are beginner you should use these points to secure your site from a hacker. if you will concentrate on login security then your site may be secure from hacker 80%. Share this with your friends if you really get help from this article.

11 ways to secure your wordpress site
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11 ways to secure your wordpress site
Many site owners have a question is how to secure your WordPress site. The site security is your responsibility that why your site got hacked.
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