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12 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid For Every BLogger

Doing an SEO is not an easy job, it demands more concentration in every period and there are some SEO mistakes to avoid which we usually do on our blog. It is quite difficult to grow your article position on the top and if you never avoid these mistakes on the blog, it can be harder for you to rank your blog.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and if you have no idea how to do search engine optimation then you’re site gone the wrong way. There are some search engine optimization techniques which if you adopt on your blog and you apply it on properly, you will get ranking within every bit of day.

There are some SEO mistakes to avoid on a blog to visible your content more using these search engine optimization tips.

12 Common SEO mistakes to avoid for Every BLogger

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Quality content:

This is the main factors about your site ranking to produce quality content for your readers. Assume you’re the reader you will read those post which gives you some extra info about the topic.

For example, someone search for about the dangerous disease “Cancer” and they only want to learn about “Symptoms of cancer” but if you will provide extra info in the form of headings e.g. how to save me from cancer And what age does it happen to people etc.

SEO mistakes to avoid

Many bloggers write blog post very thin that’s why his blog does not rank and Google also mentions this in his algorithm, you should provide quality content. You should provide info with details not briefly because the reader gives his precious time for your post, for this, you have to provide great detail about the topic.

The best practices to write the content is that your main topic should be 70% and extra info about is 30% as I tell you above.

If you will follow this in an article, there is no chance to lose the reader who visits your content once.

Keyword stuffing:

This is good for every blog post to target the focus keyword but if you will repeat this in after every two lines this will called keyword stuffing and if you think it will boost my article then you’re wrong because of a search engine doesn’t like this.

Google also mentions keyword stuffing in the Penguin algorithm. That’s why keyword stuffing is not good for site ranking and it is not best SEO practices.

How to Fix:

You can check your keyword density by bellow formula.

Main keyword / Total number of words in article *100 = it should be between 0.5 to 1%.

Skipping Meta description and Meta tags:

if you think, I optimized my article according to main keywords and some relative keywords and that enough, no, no then you wrong. Skipping Meta description and Meta tags is one of the main SEO mistakes in on page seo techniques.

Some people neglect them and they only compromise on keywords, you have to use your main keyword in Meta description in Meta description and Meta tags also.

The best Seo practice is that you should use your main keyword in Title, Meta Description, Meta tags, URL, Heading 1, Heading 2 and alt text. The content can be fully optimized if you put the main keyword in all of these.

Neglect mobile users:

You may don’t know, in this era they usage of mobile increasing and you should check your Google analytics, the percentage of a reader is also coming from a mobile user then why we neglect the mobile user for our site.

SEO mistakes to avoid

Many people don’t SEO friendly themes for his blog that’s why you lose the mobile user reader. You should select that template for your blog which is mobile friendly and easy to navigate and easy to load on the search engine.

Internal linking strategies:

Internet linking is somehow better to optimized and relate the content to other blog post and this is the best way to engage your user with the blog.

Many people do this in wrong, either maybe they do link building in his blog but in wrong way. Many bloggers use the internal linking with irrelative anchor text.

For example, if you want to internal link with any other page, you should put the other link with a relative keyword; some people put them in “Click here” or “Click here to check the post”. So these thing is wrong in link building, you should put the link with relative words or phrase.

Ranking article on single keyword:

This common question asked by many bloggers is that I got few readers on my each of the articles so the reason is that you want to rank your article on only one keyword. This Seo mistakes to avoid every blogger.

If you will target your article on only one article then it may be rank only with this keyword but people may search the single topic with several keywords. For example, if any reader searches the keyword for “how to improve SEO” but there will be many other readers who search the same topic with some other keywords e.g.  “SEO blog tips”. And you will do not know I also optimized these bold text keywords.

You can put your keywords as I do in the above paragraph which I bold it.

Link building:

Keep in mind every web page only rank if they have relevancy and authority and as you read all the above points which are all related to on page SEO but not enough to SEO optimized content. You should do the link building for your blog.

SEO mistakes to avoid

You can build you an authority of site using Commenting, Social Media profile building for a backlink, using Bookmarking sites, forums, and many other techniques to create them.

Skipping Image optimization:

Optimizing image using relative content may be chance to get traffic from your image and not only getting traffic for the blog, it is also the part of on-page SEO.

You can use the relative keywords in alt text which can help you to rank your article with these keywords which you use for an image in Alt text.


If your content matches with any other web pages then you should avoid from them because it can be down you’re indexing of pages in search engine.

SEO mistakes to avoid

You can check your content plagiarism by an online plagiarism detector. Make sure your content 100% unique.

Lack of search Engine updates knowledge:

If you don’t know, Google updates his algorithm every year and even his small crawlers update every month. You should familiar with Google famous algorithm which is Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird.

These updates also related to on-page SEO and Of page SEO and if you will do something wrong against Google Algorithm or his Privacy then Google can penalize your site. You should obey the rules of Google and follow all these Google algorithm updates.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is also the part of your site ranking and if you don’t know about this then now you should be familiar from this. Most of the time you do very poorly write your article

  • No heading
  • no images
  • no bullets
  • do not bold the focus word

 These things can down your content on reader points and they skip your post. That’s why your bounce rate increases.

Many new bloggers think high bounce rate is good for website or blog but the answer is that if your bounce rate increase Google wills thing this person provides something poor content for his readers. If you have fantastic content but you do poor writing then you will lose your visitors.

Website Speed:

Some of the time we put some non-important things on our site which have no value in our content such as images, plugins (in case of using WordPress), themes with over HTML coding. This can slow your website speed,

You can check your site speed by many online tools but the famous tool is Google page insight which is Google own.

SEO mistakes to Avoid: Final thoughts:

These all SEO mistakes if you will avoid in your content there are many chances you got ranking in Google. Quality content, link building, keyword stuffing and ranking an article on only one keyword are the mistakes which do mostly new bloggers.

If you do these SEO mistakes to avoid in your every blog post there are strongly chance your content will rank on google and not only rank it will rank on the first page. I

I hope you will understand all these SEO mistakes to avoid blogging and you will try to fix them. Thanks for Reading. Please share with your friends if he really does these mistakes in his blog.

SEO mistakes to Avoid
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SEO mistakes to Avoid
Doing an SEO is not an easy task, it takes more attention to every point and there are some SEO mistakes to avoid which we normally do on our blog.
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