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5 Top freelancing sites to Start Online Your Jobs

Top freelancing sites to Start Online Jobs at home.

If you are a freelancer or if you want to become one, chances in your hand to demand. Top freelancing sites on which you can start your work without source and meet with your business goals and Earn.

And its becomes dreams that several people who do freelancing for flexibility or to earn more money on the besides of his regular jobs. In the past few years, freelancing has become the popular and most increasing working ways and according to the US survey, the freelancing grew at the rate of three times. It also mentioned in their survey that there are 5 million people who plan to leave their jobs and work independently.

You can start your freelancing job if you have a great skill e.g Graphic designing, logo designing, article writing, SEO, data entry and there are a lot of many jobs even if you have a sweet and good voice you can start work. Nothing is impossible, if you have a passion for work then nobody can achieve your goals.

If you are searching the sites for freelancing jobs and you don’t know which websites are best because there are tons of online freelancing sites.  Here are the 5 top freelancing sites to start work online.

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Top freelancing sites, Here is the best website:


top freelancing sites

Once there is exist two landing pages over the internet to start freelancing jobs are Elance and Odesk.  Eventually, they combine these platforms to create the one largest peaceful place to search for freelancing jobs all over the world.

Upwork have 12 million freelancer and 5 million clients from all over the world and 3 million jobs each year. Its friendly beginner sites in all these top freelancing sites.


You can sign up on upwork for free as an employer. Upwork deduction charges over every job completing is 2.75% which is lower than any other freelancing site.

You can get membership of upwork pro in $149 for a month but this is recommended for businesses who hire a lot of freelancers.

services and support:

Upwork has the best service over all the top freelancing websites that we reviewed and they respond on each member and this is one of the best freelance website 2018. You can contact 24/7 by phone and in fact, this is the only site which provides for his user phone number online. You can contact via email and live chat to solve any issue or any others info regarding your account.

They prefer to contact via email, they respond immediately through live chat and you can get help through call which they will respond within 2 minutes.

What’s unique about upwork:

Simplified billing process:

You can easily billing process and you have no need to come office to do jobs this have many features which can help you and create your work easier.

Top line in the freelancing sites:

This site trustworthy algorithms and database and freelancers can easily find his jobs and limit the long list of jobs and allow freelance to properly filter their skill levels effectively.


One of the main features that we see on that site is upwork pro and it works like a skillful agency with 10+ years work history and good reviews. This can save your time from those poor freelancers who bid on your project and you will hire highly professional freelancers for your project.

There are many other additional features on upwork such is tracker time for your freelance work and an app which you use to keep in touch with your freelancer work and clients.

What missing upwork:

There are many scammers who creating their account and many time upwork shutting down these accounts from his flatwork but keep manually check the rating before commit your money on a project.


top freelancing sites

Fiverr cannot be neglect when you talking about freelancing jobs. Its job starts from $5 to $999 and we know its paying rates low but you can earn more from these low pricing and build up your portfolio with great reviews and after getting good reviews then you can increase the pricing of your gigs.

What is unique about fiverr?

Level system:

The best things are about Fiverr is level system and Fiverr pride that he providing customer satisfaction. There is three level in Fiverr that is level 1, level 2 and the last one is top rated level.

if you have done the client orders in specific days then your level will up. All level has an own number of orders and days to be completed and level up.

Safe paying and receiving platform:

This site also provided secure payment methods and you can protect your financial info from hackers.


Many other site who deduct on every project 0 to 3.5% If you do your project with large rate but if you can see the fiverr pricing,  deducts $1 on every order and if you do $20 work and if you can see this technology it more than 5% but it still uses site by clients and freelancers.


You can create the Fiverr account for free using through Google or Facebook. Once you create our account, you will see that its interface is very to understand and you will easily understand the clients. Fiverr uses the rating with numbers and starts on the number of clients who served you like eBay rating system.

One of the good features is buyer request, you can use this feature to get your first order easily to send the buyer request. Many people when they start working as a freelancer on Fiverr they face the getting first order, you can use buyer request to get an order.

Facebook also has an android app which you can use to keep attach with your account.

Support and services:

You can get the support of fiverr using their official forum or by request through his website which is available 24/7.

You can only submit your request or order from their site.

The thing that Fiverr missing:

Fiverr client charges are very low and there are much other freelance work websites whose paying rates is 0 to 3.5% if you have done the biggest project done.


top freelancing sites

Freelancer is the which we can compare to all other top freelancing sites because it provides a variety of projects in which some of them of an hourly project and some as contests.

You can post your projects in different formats, you can post in the form of a contest which is great for every freelancer and you can provide your detail about the project and there are several freelancers who will submit their entry for getting this job.

This online freelance website attracts workers from all over the world, maybe 250 but not exact and you can also see these workers outside us who work on his own contest submission.

What’s unique about freelancer?

This site app will help you with what happening on site and you will touch with your clients every time.

This site payment system is secure because it uses milestones payment system.


Local jobs are same as freelance work websites like upwork and guru which call us an hourly jobs and there are other features of

  • Projects may be building a website or an android app.
  • Contest can be creating a new logo or graphic designing.
  • And local jobs maybe proofreading of any documents or entry data.

Reviews on competing for the projects by freelancers are great features of this site because if they leave a public review on your profile then people will think it’s doing good work and there is any chance of getting any jobs easily.


Freelancer is free to post a project but its paying rates fora worker is lid bid high than other sites. Its charger fee 3% per project as compare to upwork(2.75%) and guru(2.5%).

You can pay 19 dollars on per posting which is best for saving your time and you can match this with upwork pro. You can advertise your project( it won’t be visible on the search engine).

service and support:

Freelancer provides for his user to get support via email or a live chat 24/7.

What missing from freelancer:

You will not get support directly using freelancer e.g. phone number and its user reviews not positive.

People per hour:

top freelancing sites

People per hour consider one of the best freelance websites on which you can continue your workflow. Once you agree from freelancer on the basis of contest feature maybe then people per hour provide the same thing also with share documents which are not in freelancer. You can share your post and contest only once. Go to his site and start now.

What’s unique about people per hour?

You can easily manage your people per hour account. People per hour dashboard can help you to access all these settings and tools through one interface.

 support and services:

You can get support from people per hour through his pre-written articles and community forums. The way to get help by sending email through his website and Email is only the option to get support.


sign up to people per hour through your email and name and you describe your bio which you need help. You can post your project and give detail about your project and freelancer will entry to complete your project. search manually to hire the freelancer on specific skills.

Browse those freelancers who offer fixed prices to do your project from them. For example, creating a logo in 20 dollars in 12 hours.


People per hour takes 15% commission on over the top $250 paid and its fee 3.5% is higher than other top freelancing sites including upwork(2.75%), guru(2.5%) and freelancer(3%) but less than fiverr(5%).

What missing from people per hour:

If you face any technical issue on that site, there are no phone numbers to contact him and many US users complained about them it’s easy to get scammed and more this site have no android app.


top freelancing sites

You can create your profile on guru easily and this is the site which leading to the top freelancing sites and many freelancers working from over 20 years.

What’s unique about Guru?

If you have an agreement with your worker for an hourly project or fixed. Guru allow you to send your salary to workers.


If you want to advertise your job on guru then you have to pay 29.95$. this site has the low fee which is 2.5% and if you want to pay through wire transfer, check and via e-check then this charges will be 3.5%.


Through guru, you can search freelancer on your own work based and hire them for your hourly job or project and you can also post a project or job for free.

If you want to visible your job on that site there is the option to advertise. After registering on that site you have to give bio, contact and any other info and if you want to post a job then you provide details, contact, and pricing about your work. you can select your own paying rates.

Like others freelancing websites, guru also has a review feedback about the client and this help any others clients that this person has work well and it is good for my job.

Service and support:

You can get support via phone and email to 9 AM to 6 AM and there is no option of live chat.

What missing from guru:

Guru interface is not updated and this have no weakened supports. This site has no mobile app.

Final thoughts:

Freelancing sites nothing matters which is best and not, the thing that can matter is your skill and interest. There is a lid bid comparison between those sites and nothing have big difference site so which site recommended you it’s your own choice after reading this article.

I hope you clarify all these points about top freelancing sites and you have decided which website is best for me. Wish you good luck to start work on those top freelancing sites.



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