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What is Affiliate Marketing? A Beginners Guide

some people literally no idea about that what is affiliate marketing. How many times you have to think about your Goals how I get my new car, iPhone and go with trips with my friends, if you really thinking about this then this article is for you. There are many affiliate marketing websites that provide to start your affiliate e.g. Amazon eBay Ali express, digital click, Click bank etc.

What is affiliate marketing?

Let we know about affiliate marketing, and how to start affiliate marketing. So here we want to discuss the definition of affiliate marketing.

For example, you ask your friend by giving a special link through WhatsApp, Facebook or email to buy something from Amazon like camera, book, watch or any other product. If he follows this link and goes to Amazon and buy something from that he likes.

How affiliate links work:

After knowing about what is affiliate marketing then this the time about how affiliate links work.

Each product that he buy from your special link from Amazon then there are some points that will increase due to a total number of products. The product that he buys due to these products the Amazon will pay you. the product that he bought there is some specific percentage that is 4% or 5%Amazon will give you commission on each product.

For example, If you share your link on social media then someone follows this link and click on them. I just assume to say about this if he like something expensive product on affiliates like 50000$ watch or any other expensive products then you can think about this how much you will get a commission. this is also manifest in associate marketing.

If you convince the audience to buy a certain product by giving a special link when people convince from product and they will buy and on affiliate account

How to become an affiliate marketer:

Generally, affiliate marketing involves four major parties. These are the affiliate network, the advertiser, the affiliate website, and buyer.

Many beginners when they start affiliate marketing programs they become confused from these terms but doesn’t worry let me explain.

The Advertiser:

The advertiser could be any business in which you sell products or services online. It could b Amazon, click bank, eBay or any product shop that you manage.

The affiliate:

The affiliate could be me, you or any other next door who have an own website. It’s not complicated to build a website with your suited products.

The website has own product details or reviews the product which he sold on his site. I will be a special link about that product which could be leed back to advertiser page called affiliate link.

The Affiliate Network:

The affiliate network drops some cookies into the browser of the buyer and as a result when they visit and click on an affiliate link on affiliate website and if he something there is a chance of your commission.


Why so many people fail in affiliate marketing:

Many people when they start affiliate marketing they start to create some crazy ambitions like earning $2000 in just 1st started a year and many people even quit their job.

If you really want to get these ambitions then you have some skill if no, then should first to learn then start with these ambition( I am not just want to disappoint you) but these are essential before starting.

You should expert in website building, SEO, copywriting and proofreading. I am not telling got all these skills but some of these if you only heard about affiliate marketing. This took some time but you will get there if you will on work seriously.

There will be 5 reasons that fail the people in affiliate marketing:

Lack of patience:

This is the first thing of every affiliate marketer fail in this.  So set up your site and work on it then put the work in every day but be patience give them a chance. Keep in mind every good thing come to those who wait.

Lack of quality content:

Lack of content is a serious question because many people when they start affiliate marketing they select those niche about which they have no idea.

If you select bodybuilding product reviews but you have no idea then you should hire a content writer or change your topic of the site.

Blackhat SEO:

Many people when they get no visitors to his site they start black hat SEO for growing his product then they got banned from Google then you will be spending your time again on the new website.

Blackhat SEO leads to a broken site and keep in mind Google will hunt you through his crawler and you will be punished by them.

Choosing a good product (valid):

People don’t think about the affiliate marketing products which will be suited to his site. For example, if you selling cars, houses, dogs or perfume then think about this no one buys these things online(think in your own mind).

Profit of products:

As an affiliate marketer, you should keep in mind the things that are sold in high demand then they will be low commission percentage.

There will be little sense to grow you’re earning through 1% commission of product.

How to start affiliate marketing (Reason of succeeding):

If you know about what is affiliate marketing and know about all procedure then this the time how to become an affiliate marketer.

  • Warm about their site, its callers to their brand.
  • Concerned about the website is genuinely essential to their audience.
  • Dedicated to gaining it work,  sacrificing to free time after they get home from their day job.
  • Prepared to learn anything and crops up along the way which stimulates their wisdom.


Ideas for affiliate marketing business:

Gift Ideas Website:

If you build a website related to the product review or gift ideas. There a great way to promote an affiliate link. So on this, you have to create an article about products for defining and some images that attract the user in great number. So this is the best way to promote the products for affiliate marketing.

Comparison channel:

this is the best way to promote the product via creating a video and uploading on different social media or a YouTube channel. So this is the idea to double your earning through YouTube channel and affiliate marketing.

Pinterest  Affiliate marketing.

Best way to show the image of promoting the product via creating a pins board on Pinterest. Because the businessman uses Pinterest. So you can share affiliate link through Pinterest pinboard.

 Final words

Affiliate marketing knows the big programs all over the world and you may know the founder of Amazon become richer than Bil gate.

using these top affiliate programs you will earn more from your expectations after knowing about what is affiliate marketing. I hope you will bitterly understand all these explanations and you will have little idea about affiliate marketing sites e.g. Amazon.

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What is Affiliate Marketing? A Beginners Guide
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What is Affiliate Marketing? A Beginners Guide
Let we know about what is affiliate marketing, and how we start a business through them. So here we want to discuss the complete about affiliate marketing program.
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